Zamyatin's Mi/Nous autres has much in common with Nineteen EightyFour, but is far more directly a critique of scientific positivism than of totalitarianism per se. Nous autres - Yevgeny Zamyatin. Nous autres. by: Yevgeny Zamyatin (author). Format: paperback. ISBN: . Publish date: March. 'Review of 'WE' by E. I. Zamyatin', the review of George Orwell. able to procure a copy: but copies of the French translation (the title is Nous Autres) do exist.


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Slowly, I reveals to D that she is involved with the Mephi, an organization zamyatin nous autres to bring down the One State. She takes him through secret tunnels inside the Ancient House to the world outside the Green Wall, which surrounds the city-state. There, D meets the inhabitants of the outside world: The aims of the Mephi are to destroy the Green Wall and reunite the citizens of One State with the outside world.

Despite the recent rift between them, O pleads with D to impregnate her illegally. After O insists that she will obey the law by zamyatin nous autres over their child to be raised by the One State, D obliges.

However, as her pregnancy progresses, O realizes that she cannot bear to be parted from her baby under any circumstances. In his last journal entry, D indifferently relates that he has been forcibly tied to a table and subjected to the "Great Operation", which has recently been mandated for all citizens of One State in order to prevent possible riots; [7] having been psycho-surgically refashioned into a state of mechanical "reliability", they would now function as "tractors in human form".

After this operation, D willingly informed the Benefactor about the inner workings of the Mephi. However, D expresses surprise that even torture could not induce I to denounce her comrades. Despite her refusal, I and those arrested with her have been sentenced to death, "under the Benefactor's Machine".

Meanwhile, the Mephi uprising gathers strength; parts of the Green Wall have been destroyed, birds are repopulating the city, and people start committing acts of social rebellion.

Although D expresses hope that the Benefactor shall restore "reason", the novel ends with One State's survival in doubt. I's mantra is that, just as there is no highest number, there can be no final revolution.

Dystopian society[ edit ] The dystopian society depicted in We is presided over by the Benefactor [9] and is surrounded by a giant Green Wall to separate the citizens from primitive untamed nature.

All citizens are known as "numbers".

George Orwell

The action of We is set at some zamyatin nous autres after the Two Hundred Years' War, which has wiped out all but "0. The war only ended after the use of weapons of mass destruction zamyatin nous autres, so that the One State is surrounded with a post-apocalyptic landscape. The World s of Philip K.

Dick's The Man in the High Castle," the volume provides an in-depth textual examination that reveals why science fiction is a "revisionary genre.

  • Visions and Re-visions: (re)constructing Science Fiction - Robert M. Philmus - Google Livros
  • George Orwell: Review of 'WE' by E. I. Zamyatin
  • File:Zamiatine Eugene Nous - Monoskop

The first thing anyone would notice about We is the fact--never pointed out, I believe--that Aldous Huxley's Brave New World must be zamyatin nous autres derived from it. Both books deal with the rebellion of the primitive human spirit against a rationalised, mechanised, painless world, and both stories are supposed to take place about six hundred years hence.

The atmosphere of the two books is similar, and it is roughly speaking the same kind of society zamyatin nous autres is being described though Huxley's book zamyatin nous autres less political awareness and is more influenced by recent biological and psychological theories.

In the twenty-sixth century, in Zamyatin's vision of it, the inhabitants of Utopia have so completely lost their individuality as to be known only by numbers. They live on synthetic food, and their usual recreation is to march in fours while the anthem of the Single State is played through loudspeakers.


There is, of course, no marriage, zamyatin nous autres sex life does not appear to be completely promiscuous. For purposes of love-making everyone has a sort of ration book of pink tickets, and the partner with whom zamyatin nous autres spends one of his allotted sex hours signs the counterfoil.

The Single State is ruled over by a personage known as The Benefactor, who is annually re-elected by the entire population, the vote being always unanimous.

The guiding zamyatin nous autres of the State is that happiness and freedom are imcompatible. In the Garden of Eden man was happy, but in his folly he demanded freedom and was driven out into the wilderness.

We (novel) - Wikipedia

Now the Single State has restored his happiness by removing his freedom. So far the resemblance with Brave New World is striking. But though Zamyatin's book is less well put together--it has a rather weak and episodic plot which is too complex to summarise--it has a political point which the other zamyatin nous autres.