Game-inspired anime explores emotions in a creative way. Read Common Sense Media's Yo-Kai Watch review, age rating, and parents guide. Yo-Kai Watch is the first video game in the large multimedia franchise. Choose to play as a boy or girl who discovers mysterious creatures. IGN's Yo-kai Watch Walkthrough will help you complete all 11 chapters in the main story. This includes where to go and tips and defeating the boss Yo-kai during each story quest. Investigate trees, bushes, waterways, and more even if the Yo-kai Watch gauge is not in the red.


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If you start the event today, you have a little under 60 days to do everything.

In total, you need 73 Minion Tokens and Weapon Tokens for everything. Minion tokens yokai watch guide guarenteed, while Weapon Tokens require some RNG Remember, need to be in the right area with the right minion out in order to be eligible for Weapon Tokens.

Take some time to complete requests and favors, and try befriending Yo-kai. Edit Requests and Favors In addition to the main yokai watch guide quests, requests and favors can be done around town by speaking with people and animals with exclamation points over their heads.

Completing these will give you items, experience, and possibly new Yo-kai.


This anime series takes a surprisingly intuitive and visual approach to exploring emotions, even if yokai watch guide whole unseen-forces-controlling-people's-actions angle is a bit disconcerting for younger kids.

Viewers can see the Yo-Kai causing the ruckus even if the characters can't minus Nate, of courseand each one's appearance directly relates to the specific mood it evokes. Yokai watch guide only does this make for many colorful, creative characters, it also encourages kids to identify different emotions and accept them as normal.

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In any case, Yo-Kai Watch is a great starting point for talking about feelings and behavior with kids and tweens. Two yokai watch guide adaptations have been produced, and an anime television series began airing in Japan from January Level-5 has announced that the game will be translated into English and released abroad.