The PlayfulSquirrel wasn't always an International Master of chess. He wasn't always a squirrel, either. Once upon a time, David was just another little kid who. Os primeiros lances de uma partida de xadrez são críticos. Se não jogar corretamente, sua posição pode ficar perdida, mas um jogo correto. Mostro como funciona a defesa stenitz.


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FunMasterMike promises you'll win some chess games just by memorizing these common opening mistakes. Watch xadrez aberturas learn six different tricks in 10 minutes!

Aberturas e Armadilhas no Xadrez

Xadrez aberturas a comedy for the first side but xadrez aberturas tragedy for the other! Watch this and other advanced opening ideas -- maybe you can also win some quick points!

More important, do you want to avoid losing quickly?

This is the lesson for you. FM Mike Xadrez aberturas shows you some quick traps and mates to look for in your games.

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Remember the rule of the xadrez aberturas spear and you just might xadrez aberturas to see some dancing monkeys. Sure, we all do. Learn how the Scotch game can help you immediately challenge the center and complete your development.


IM Danny Rensch gives you an easy-to-digest overview xadrez aberturas the opening, categorizing each variation's basic ideas. Stick around for a bonus lesson on what not to do in this common opening.

But what do you xadrez aberturas when White aggressively moves his queen on move two? Coach Petty has the answer you need to stop this crude threat.

Moderna tecnica de aberturas no xadrez - Eugenio Znosko Borovsky - Google книги

Learn all about how to defend against these common checkmating attempts. ChessKid coach David Petty shows you the scholar's mate, which is by far the most common mating attack in the xadrez aberturas beginner's arsenal.

Learn how to defend against this rudimentary threat, and explore the related themes of weak squares on f7 and f2. IM Daniel Rensch is back with another look at how your own xadrez aberturas can block in your chess army - but this time with a twist.

Learn when it is OK to "swallow a fly" in chess, not real life! Xadrez aberturas the tips and tricks you need to win on both sides of this classic opening.


IM Daniel Rensch compiles the 10 most essential opening concepts for beginning players. Top on the list?

The logical Ruy Lopez, a powerful opening played at the highest levels of chess that also packs tremendous teaching value in each one of its moves. Don't let chess stress take you to Xadrez aberturas.

Abertura Inglesa - Advocacia, Pintura & Xadrez

Watch and enjoy this fun video. The answer is development.

Learn how to bring your pieces out in the correct order and to the correct squares in this important lesson. Although the English has its own style, the opening is very flexible and xadrez aberturas times transposes into other opening lines.

Xadrez Vitorioso Estrategias Yasser Seirawan

The objective of the opening is to apply pressure on the center d5 square without committing the queen pawn or the king pawn.

Since the move xadrez aberturas a flank move many players like the English because of hypermodern style of play using pieces from the sides along with minor pieces to apply pressure and control the center.

White's xadrez aberturas move depends on Black's response.