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The following year, he reappeared at the Sanremo Music Festival, this time performing "Vita spericolata" Daredevil Lifeprobably his most popular song, and finishing in second-to-last place due to his apparent state of intoxication.

The following album, Bollicine "Little Bubbles"published inwas his sixth in seven years, and was the album that consecrated him definitively vasco rossi asilo republic movies an idol of the new generation and an icon of Italian rock.

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The title track, whose lyrics are about Coke but also demonstrate a clear assonance vasco rossi asilo republic movies cocainewon the Festivalbar '83, and his tour that year was an enormous success.

In April, however, he was arrested on charges of drug possession. He was immediately granted provisional release from jail, but subsequently sentenced to 2 years and eight months of probation. His tenth studio album, Liberi liberi "[we are] Free, Free"followed in vasco rossi asilo republic movies The success of his tour brought the release of the live album Fronte del palco a pun on the Italian title of Marlon Brando 's film "Waterfront" which was "Fronte del porto", and thus meaning "Stage Front" and the organization of two concerts inone at the San Siro stadium in Milan and the other at the Flaminio in Rome.


Rossi's next album, Gli spari sopra "The shots above"released inwent ten times platinum. The title track, which was a major hit, is a cover version of Celebrate by the Irish band An Emotional Fish.

Inhe gave the unreleased "Senza Parole" "Without Words" as a gift to members of his official fan-club. InRossi was again the star at San Siro with a double concert, Rock sotto l'assedio "Rock under siege"which protested the war in Bosnia and Vasco rossi asilo republic movies.


Rossi invited a few Bosnian bands like SikterLezi Majmune, and Protest to perform but was heavily criticized by the press because the proceeds weren't given to charity, despite the fact they were never meant to be.

Per Te "No Danger The song was later included in the album Nessun Pericolo For You" in InRossi rediscovered his singer-songwriter side, recording and releasing the album Vasco rossi asilo republic movies per me "Songs for me" with a softer and less vasco rossi asilo republic movies sound, even remaking never-published songs written at the beginning of his career.

The nature of the songs, however, did not impede Rossi from winning his second Festivalbar with the song, "Luna per te" "Moon vasco rossi asilo republic movies you".

Given the low propensity of these songs to fit in his live show with the songs his fans had up to that time become accustomed to, he decided to hold just one concert inaccepting the offer to be a guest star on the first evening of the new Heineken Jammin' Festival in ImolaItaly.

The evening is immortalized in both video and in the live album Rewind. Vasco rossi asilo republic movies would be remembered and celebrated by Rossi and fans in nearly every concert that followed. In Rossi released his first official recording of remastered songs in their original version, Tracks, which was followed by three sold-out performances at San Siro Stadium in Milan.

Vasco Rossi

Three months later, Buoni o cattivi live anthology In December he returned to his home town of Zocca, where his childhood friends and the rest of the community organized a tribute in his honor, including a photo display and other celebrations.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: Vasco Rossi On 4 Maythe newspaper Corriere della Sera reported Vasco Rossi as saying the American and British governments had been responsible for preventing him and other Italian musicians from becoming known in those countries.

To vasco rossi asilo republic movies the sale of American and British music to Italy and discourage the export of our talents abroad. Born in Zocca, near Modena, February 4,the son of a housewife and a truck driver, Rossi had his first musical experiences when, at 13, he won a festival for young singers.

Colpa d'Alfredo and Siamo Solo Noi gained him a wider audience, as did Vado al Massimo, whose title track finished last at the edition of the Sanremo Music Festival, where Rossi vasco rossi asilo republic movies in with "Vita Spericolata," the song that led him -- and the album Bollicine -- to the top of the charts.

Liberi Liberihis first record on EMI, saw him momentarily split with producer Guido Elmi and with his backing band -- in which a vasco rossi asilo republic movies role was played by guitarists Solieri and Massimo Riva -- who in the meantime had started releasing records on their own under the moniker Steve Rogers Band.

The resulting tour was documented by the monumental Fronte del Palco and by Vasco Live vasco rossi asilo republic movies Rossi was then a real rock star, the only one who could compete with international superstars such as the Rolling Stones, U2, or Madonna, and although he had never gained a particular following outside Italy, nothing seemed to stop him.


Gli Spari Soprahis most ambitious work to date, was recorded with the help of an international cast of musicians, such as drummer Vinnie Colaiuta and Eurythmics' Dave Stewart, and was followed by the rocking Nessun Pericolo Per Te and the relatively more intimate Canzoni per Me Vasco rossi asilo republic movies only live appearance ofat Imola's Heineken Jammin' Festival in front offans, can be heard on Rewind