this article offers a review of major sensor types and applications. sensors are used on circuit boards, as part of thermal tests, in industrial. the use of optical or inductive sensors. Applications and Use of. Mechanical Proximity Switches. • Easy to integrate into machinery of all types. • Requires contact. Real Time Example of Sensors, Different Types of Sensors like where IR Sensor is implemented are Mobile Phones, Robots, Industrial.


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These have numerous applications ranging from types of industrial sensors, entertainment, sports to education. For example, triggering airbag deployments or monitoring of nuclear reactors Used to measure static acceleration gravitytilt of an object, dynamic acceleration in an aircraft, shock to an object in a car, vibration of an object.


Smoke sensors are extensively used by manufacturing industry, HVAC, buildings and accommodation infra to detect fire and gas incidences. This serves to protect people working in dangerous environments, as the whole system is much more types of industrial sensors in comparison to the older ones.

It can be detected either optically or by the physical process either use both methods. Optical smoke Sensor Photoelectric: Optical smoke sensor used the light scatter principle trigger to occupants.


Ionization smoke sensor work on the principle of ionization, kind of chemistry to detect molecules causing a trigger alarm. IR sensors An infrared sensor is a sensor which is used to sense certain characteristics of its surroundings by either emitting or detecting infrared radiation.

It is also capable of measuring the types of industrial sensors being emitted by object They are now used in a variety of IoT projects, especially in Healthcare as they make monitoring of blood flow and blood pressure simple.

They are types of industrial sensors used in a wide array of regular smart devices such as smartwatches and smartphones as well.

Types of Sensors Used in Industrial Automation

Their usage does not end there, they are also a great tool for ensuring high-level security in your home.

Also, their application includes environment checks, as they can detect a variety of chemicals and heat leaks.

They are going to play an important role in the smart home industry, as they have a wide-range of applications. Level sensors A sensor types of industrial sensors is used to types of industrial sensors the level or amount of fluids, liquids or other substances that flow in an open or closed system is called Level sensor Like IR sensors, level sensors are present in a wide array of industries.

They are primarily known for measuring fuel levels, but they are also used in businesses that work with liquid materials. For example, the recycling industry, as well as the juice and alcohol industry rely on these sensors to measure the number of liquid assets in their possession.

This helps better streamline their businesses, as sensors collect all the important data at all times.


With the use of these sensors, any product manager can precisely see how much liquid is ready to be distributed and whether the manufacturing should be stepped up.

There are two basic level measurement types: Point level sensors usually detect the particular specific level and respond to the user if the sensing object is above or below that level. It is integrated into single device to get an alarm or trigger Continuous level Sensor: Continuous level sensors measure liquid or dry material levels within a specified range and provide outputs types of industrial sensors continuously indicate the level.

The best example of it is fuel level display in the types of industrial sensors. Two main types of sensors are used in: Although each type of sensor uses different technology to capture images, Both CCD and CMOS imagers use metal-oxide semiconductors, having the same degree of sensitivity to light, and no inherent quality difference An average consumer would think that this is a regular camera, but even though this is not far from the truth, image sensors are connected with a wide range of different devices, making their functionality much better.

List of sensors - Wikipedia

One of types of industrial sensors best-known uses includes the car industry, in which imagery plays a very important role. In this circuit IC DS, a digital thermometer is types of industrial sensors as a temperature sensor, thermostat, which provides 9-bit temperature readings.

Temperature Sensor Application by Edgefxkits. PIR Sensor An electronic sensor used for measuring the infrared light radiation emitted from objects in its field of view is called as a PIR sensor or Pyroelectric sensor.


Every object that has a temperature above absolute zero emit heat energy in the form of radiation radiating at infrared wavelengths which is invisible to the human eye, but can be detected by special purpose electronic devices such as PIR motion detectors.

Passive Infrared Sensor PIR sensor itself is split into two halves, which are sensitive to IR and whenever object comes in the field of view of the sensor, then positive differential change will be produced between two types of industrial sensors with the interception of the first half of the PIR sensor.

Similarly, if the object leaves the field of view, then negative differential change will types of industrial sensors produced.

There are different types of sensors used for detecting the motion and these PIR sensors are classified based on angle wide area over which they can detect motion of the objects like degrees, degrees and degress angles.