10 Common HDR Photography Mistakes and How to Avoid Them. Forgetting Your Tripod. Not Being in Control of Your Camera. Changing Aperture or ISO During Bracketing. Using Autofocus. Over Processing. Flattening Your Image. Black Clouds. Halos. Top 10 HDR Mistakes and How to Fix Them is the book where Trey Ratcliff shows some of his own mistakes from the past and teach us how to. Trying to improve your HDR photography and avoid common mistakes, issues and frustrations? This is the book for you! With fifty pages of.


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Whenever I teach, I get a lot of requests to review images.

Please keep in mind that all of these common mistakes can also be advantages when done well and with purpose. This article is not about those times, but is an observation about how often I see them done the wrong way. Top 10 hdr mistakes but strong and natural colors.

10 Common Mistakes Made by New Photographers

Colors are too strong or unrealistic Unrealistic and strong colors are often a fantastic creative choice. Without this, top 10 hdr mistakes are working on your images blind. I see photographers share images that look good to them on their screen, but they look off to everyone else.

This is because their screen is the problem. Once again, this can be done well, but the way I usually see it done is where people raise the saturation slider way too far.

Top 10 HDR Mistakes (Bonus Edition)

It may make the colors stand out more on a monitor and be more noticeable as a thumbnail in Facebook, but top 10 hdr mistakes just makes the image look fake. In a print, the colors will end up even more extreme than they do on a monitor.

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When you print images with natural and subtle colors those colors will look incredible and much stronger top 10 hdr mistakes you think. This look can sometimes be hard to notice on the monitor. Instead of raising the saturation slider, find images where the natural colors in the scene are already strong.

Shoot at the golden hour to let the colors naturally gain strength.

Top 10 HDR Mistakes (Bonus Edition) - Trey's Store

Instead of raising the saturation slider if you want the image to feel like a painting, overlay a specific color onto the image. Or try creating a moody image with subtle and natural color, print it top 10 hdr mistakes, put it on your wall, and shine some light on it and you will see how powerful that subtle color can be.

Top 10 hdr mistakes can feel like a painting too. Smokestack and Graffiti, NYC. Shots are not sharp enough Intensional blur can be gorgeous, but to be a good photographer you need to have control of your sharpness.

Top 10 HDR Mistakes And How To Fix Them - Bonus Edition

The eyes need to be the sharpest part of your image, not the nose or the ear. Also, pay attention to back focus in certain situations.


To achieve sharpness and reduce handheld camera shake, your shutter top 10 hdr mistakes needs to be at least one over your focal length. If you are freezing motion you need an even faster shutter speed.

Trey Ratcliff | Top 10 HDR Mistakes And How To Fix T… | MagCloud

Think about raising your ISO sometimes to get sharper shots, particularly in darker lighting situations, but also sometimes during the day. Notice the right edge. If you are Garry Winogrand then you can skew your images purposely for that energetic effect. However, I notice many top 10 hdr mistakes struggle to get their images straight.

Look through the viewfinder and find a frame of reference to straighten your image. This could be a tree branch, a fire escape, a building, anything.