Offline tool presetting helps Straumann reduce machine downtime and that is seeing increased presence on the Straumann floor is the Traub CNC machine. Find your tool presetter easily amongst the 77 products from the leading brands CNC cutting tool tool presetter / robotic Speroni Magis BIG KAISER Precision. By using a presetter to set up its tools, a shop can detect runout problems and The machine tool's CNC runs this program before running the machining cycle.


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Tool inspection also ensures improved tolerancing capability and maximised production time, with tool management delivering a broad range of in-house functions that contribute towards your CNC accuracy.

Reliant on accurate tool dimensions, the precision of metal cutting in CNC machine tools is integral to end product precision. Tool specifications such as the diameter, length, angles and tool presetting in cnc edge radius are imperative for accuracy in the machining process.

Tool Presetter CNC

Tool presetting allows the user to ensure that the product is within those specifications before the tooling process begins. Presetting your tools increases productivity by maximising uptime because the inspection is carried out on pre-mounted tools offline, therefore as one tool is being preset another is in use in the CNC machine.

The more accurate the method of tool measurement will be the lesser tool presetting in cnc set up time will be. Tool presetting in cnc an accurate and reliable tool measurement system is a must have to decrease the cnc machine set-up time.

Measuring and evaluation of tool run-out. Live or fixed measuring crosshairs. Display of X and Z values in monitor.

Tool presetter

Automatic recognition of cutting edge position. Measurement of angles and radii.


Operator guidance by addition of different coloured contour lines. Manual selection of scanning beam direction.

Direct programming or modification of measuring processes with the enlarged macro programming language VBA. Interactive graphic illustration of several measuring results on single screen. Graphic display of tool presetting in cnc and relative tolerance fields in chart diagram for quick optical evaluation.

Constant measurement of multi cutting edges by single revolution of e.

For additional documentation the Vision picture is copied to Windows clipboard. Total image measuring function can create exact contour of multi insert or helix form cutters by rotation of tool thro degrees. X and Z axis scale bar inclusive automatic light indicator beam.

Circle centres of either convex or concave radii automatically measured relative to X and Z axis. Automatic measurement and evaluation of angles. Tool presetting in cnc to full screen size of control integrated image.

CNC Tool Presetter and CNC Tool Measuring an Introduction

Inverse measurement of concave cutting edge shapes. Tool presetting in cnc backup request on close down to either flash drive, C drive, network etc Vision Inspection: Hardware and software package with IR light source to switch camera picture for live video tool inspection at 40x magnification.

Camera image can be saved to clipboard and transferred to a file or document for further analysis. Integrated operating panel with industrial proofed short stroke keys.

Optimised design and arrangement of driving, measuring and guide ways by using a very wide base with drive and glass scales centrally located to remove readout error.