One of Tobias Wolff's classic tales, "The Liar" is the story of a deceitful teenage boy and his religious, resolute mother. He enjoys inventing fantastic stories about his family, particularly his mother. Tobias Wolff (Author). In his story "The Liar," Tobias Wolff writes about James, a year-old boy who can't stop fibbing -- not just little untruths but morbid whoppers. In Tobias Wolff's “The Liar,” James's last lie was telling people that he was Tibetan and he told, “I was born and raised in Tibet” (Wolff ). He was lie about his.


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As the magic of his inner life lifts him off the ordinary level of reality, the pessimism James associates with his father also seems to melt away.

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James cried a few days later, but it seems that these tears may have simply been a type of insincere performance for the benefit tobias wolff the liar his mother. James speaks in narration about his father, who was a generally pessimistic, misanthropic man.

One of his main tobias wolff the liar was reading the newspaper and complaining about all of the bad events in the world. However, he refused to ever try to actually help improve the world.

The Liar Themes -

tobias wolff the liar Murphy advises him not to underestimate her. In the course of the story James recalls summer camping trips to Yosemite with the family, including one particular experience with an aggressive bear.

His mother had kept the bear away from the family by hitting it with a huge stone, while his father stayed out of the action.

At one point James realizes that he and his father had in common the same fear. He also recognizes that his mother did not seem to miss his father a great deal after he died.

In tobias wolff the liar number of ways his parents had been decidedly out of tune with each other, particularly in regard to social attitudes.

For example, she had wanted him to participate in group activities or movements, but he had not been inclined to. The last instance of James's lying occurs on a bus while he is going to Los Angeles to stay, at his tobias wolff the liar suggestion, with his brother Michael.

In response to a tobias wolff the liar woman's inquiry about his background, he spontaneously replies that his earliest years from birth onward were spent in Tibet, that his missionary parents were killed there during the communist takeover, and that he has worked with Tibetan refugees.

Unlock This Study Guide Now Start your hour free trial to unlock this 4-page The Liar study guide and get instant access to the following: Many different conclusions could be drawn after reading this story.

Specifically in the case of the youngest son, I believe that he lied as frequently as he did because tobias wolff the liar could not stand the way that his mother tobias wolff the liar chosen to raise him after his father and her husband died.

I believe that one possible reason for his fabrications was because he wanted to create something different for him to believe in.