Twisty and powerful, ingenious and moving, The Woman in the Window is a smart, sophisticated novel of psychological suspense that recalls. Psychological Thrillers. Psychological Thrillers. The Talented Mr. Ripley. Patricia Highsmith. AmazonBarnes & NobleIndieboundiBooks. Gone Girl. A Novel. Those Bones Are Not My Child. A Novel. Enduring Love. A Novel. The Shining. Stephen King. The Widow. Fiona Barton. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. 50th Anniversary. Then may I suggest you try supernatural mystery, thriller, and crime novels. They are fun and exciting books that combine some of the best.


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This includes the form that most readers regard as a mystery, which is the traditional detective story but a category of literature that also includes the police procedural, the hard-boiled novel, the tale of psychological suspense, the crime novel, and the thriller. There is enormous overlapping of these sub-genres and it is often difficult to categorize some books.

It is my plan—indeed, my mission—to define these categories, describe their strengths and weaknesses, and provide thriller novels examples from both the past and the present to help guide readers to the type of book they are most likely to enjoy.

Armentrout steadily builds the thriller novels story and the mystery plot to keep the reader hooked. Fatal Affair by Marie Force Sex.

Starting with Fatal Affair, the series features Samantha Holland, a smart and ambitious homicide detective who takes no bull thriller novels the men in her orbit. If you read one of these books, be prepared to binge.

Summer's Most Anticipated Crime, Mystery, and Thrillers | CrimeReads

A Study in Scarlet Women by Sherry Thomas Book one in the Lady Sherlock series by award-winning romance author Sherry Thomas takes you back in time to Victorian England, where a clever young woman—working under the pseudonym Sherlock Holmes—sets out to solve a string of murders.

DelBianco, a year-old first-time novelist, has been compared to Cormac McCarthy for her portrayal of the brutal Thriller novels — not bad for a novel that was rejected by over 50 publishers before finally landing a deal. Nugent, who once told Publishers Weekly she takes character inspiration from obituaries, is on her third thriller novels as a full-time novelist.

His writing for them attracted the attention of book editor Child, who hired him to write about the institution. When he mysteriously reappears four years later, he has special powers but no memory of his time away.

Meanwhile, people thriller novels dying. Uncovered by a defamed newspaper journalist who bears an uncanny resemblance to the author in real life and a computer wizard of a girl who happens thriller novels have a damaged childhood and a dragon tattoo on the back ,this unconventional alliance takes us deep into the dark recessess of the Swedish history and how the old defunct ideologies against women are still deeply held in some sections of the society however dormant they might seem.


I am personally a big fan of Nordic crime fiction so would recommend some thriller novels by Henning Mankell in the Wallander series as well. Dervla McTiernan, The Thriller novels Set in Galway, this searing debut brings together procedural and psychological thriller for a fascinating portrait of small-town Ireland and its big city problems.

Best Crime & Thriller Novels

Addiction, suicide, corruption, and desperation all play their part in this intricate, unsettling noir. The Last Time I Lied takes place at a summer camp, when a game of two truths and a lie turns dangerous, and years after, when a former camper returns to Camp Nightingale, desperate to discover its secrets.

Her job is simple: The arrangement gets complicated when one thriller novels her clients is thriller novels, and the cops are convinced the husband did it.

To ensnare the thriller novels, though, Claire is going to have to give the performance of her life. Alex de Campi and Victor Santos, Bad Girls Cuba before the fall has long been a subject of interest in our genre, and who could forget the kiss of death Michael gives to Fredo just before they exit the city?

Alex de Campi and Victor Santos, with their new graphic novel Bad Girls, both partake of this long tradition and turn it on its head. The gorgeous colors and clean lines of this graphic novel complement the stylish storytelling, for a noir comic not to be missed.

Her solitude is even further interrupted when one of her unwanted neighbors is murdered, and she investigates the tight-knit group and their many internecine struggles.

Best Crime & Thriller Books

The latest is a weighty and thrilling look at father-son relationships, the allure and dangers of the natural world, the power of prophecy, jurisdictional battling, backwoods survival, and corruption at the highest levels of business and government.

A private plane crashes on the remote Desolation Mountain in northern Minnesota, killing a prominent politician and setting off a search for answers and survivors. While both Security and Blood Highway feature scrappy protagonists with comic thriller novels names denoting moxy and toughness, Security was a locked room mystery where Wohlsdorf spent the better part of the action playing with contained space, while Blood Highway takes its show on the road, as a young woman and her fugitive father go on a hell-raising road thriller novels in search of some cash.

There is a secret, decentralized movement in America known as the Massive Brigade, which wants to overthrow the government, and one day people disappeared from their lives, leaving families, cell phones, and their identities in order to participate in the coming revolution.