Buy The Leaderless Revolution: How Ordinary People will Take Power and Change Politics in the 21st Century UK ed. by Carne Ross (ISBN: ). A former diplomat, Carne Ross is the author of The Leaderless Revolution: how ordinary people will take power and change politics in the 21st. Carne Ross, a former high-flying British diplomat, would lead us to a leaderless revolution. His experience in the diplomatic service, especially.


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Ross details the pernicious influence of lobbyists, which he argues pervades Whitehall as much as it does Washington DC. While the argument is not new, the details are engaging.

I was particularly struck by the exemption granted to Wrigley chewing gum during the imposition of sanctions against Iran. The gum, The leaderless revolution tells readers, "was classed as 'humanitarian aid' and thus exempt from sanctions, permitting millions of dollars of sales".

Yet, in its desire to cover the gamut of evil-doing, the narrative loses impact. Then from Iraq they are in US healthcare.

The Leaderless Revolution by Carne Ross |

Still, this is an important contribution to the debate. Ross bravely advocates the term anarchism a positive absence of distant, top-down leadershipwhich he differentiates the leaderless revolution anarchy, the absence of rules and the onset of chaos. This is the way to change a complex, highly interconnected system, not top-down management, as network theory and social research are demonstrating.

The leaderless revolution throughout, an older maxim carries an eternal message: If you use violence, you are likely to get violence. Like his famous Salt March or Salt Satyagrahathe ideal political protest is the one that embodies the change you wish to see.


Do it yourself, and nonviolently. Self-organized, nonviolent action by the the leaderless revolution, consulting all those affected: In fact, these techniques amount to a politics of modernity, of complexity, a politics most appropriate to our current state.

The Leaderless Revolution by Carne Ross – review | Books | The Guardian

These methods also inhere in a new economics, for Marx was in this sense correct: The leaderless revolution cannot have a fair, cohesive or happy society when a tiny few hold the vast bulk of the wealth and where companies are legally bound to maximize profits over all else, ignoring the leaderless revolution un-costed effects to the environment or society.

There are forms of business that in their very design make up a better politics. Cooperatives share ownership among their staff as well as agency—that sense of control and participation that contemporary society denies us.

Such companies can be founded. They can be competitive. And we can support them by choosing them over more negligent businesses.

Make informed decisions with the FT.

The ghastly homogenization and banality of consumer culture undermine our experience of life this is perhaps the reason for the weird idol worship the leaderless revolution the aberrational design fetishist Steve The leaderless revolution. The rabbit-hutch geography of the office combines with the humiliations of corporate culture for bosses as much as the bossed-about to alienate and demoralize everyone concerned.

How we crave escape—pharmacological, alcoholic or virtual. The current malaise is thus existential as well as political and economic.

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Nonetheless, this collective crisis can be captured in one word: The world has got too big, and we can only tinker at the edges.