Tatterhood and other tales by Ethel Johnston Phelps, , The Feminist Press edition, in English. All the central characters in these folk tales are spirited females-decisive heroines of extraordinary courage, wit, and achievement who set out to determine their. , , English, Book, Illustrated edition: Tatterhood and other tales: stories of magic and adventure / edited by Ethel Johnston Phelps ; with illustrations by.


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While I can understand why this may have hindered Phelps, I expected a book from the Feminist Press to do a better tatterhood and other tales at presenting stories from all over the globe. In the end, my lack of excitement over Tatterhood is partly because by the time I was able tatterhood and other tales read, other feminist collections had grown from what Phelps started.

I am grateful for Tatterhood, but it will never hold the same place in my heart that it holds for so many for whom it was the first of its kind.

Tatterhood - Wikipedia

The cover and page count in this listing don't match the copy I borrowed, but I ran into a couple of roadblocks correcting it, so I'm leaving it as is. There are pages in my hardcover copy, the cover matches a "Kindle edition" that's not linked to this one, and the description reads "twelve tatterhood and other tales tales" although there are thirteen included in the copy I've got.

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As the girl promised, the queen gave birth to a second daughter, one who was born fair and sweet, which pleased the queen very much. The sisters were as different as tatterhood and other tales could be, but they were very fond of each other.

Tatterhood and Other Tales

The elder daughter was named Tatterhood, because she wore a tattered tatterhood and other tales over her unruly hair. One Christmas Eve, when the girls were half grown, there was great noise in the gallery outside the queen's rooms.

When Tatterhood demanded to know what was causing the noise, the queen reluctantly reveals that it was a pack of trolls in some versions, witches who come to the palace every seven years.

Tatterhood, being headstrong, decides to drive the trolls off and instructs her mother keep the door tightly shut. Worried about Tatterhood, Tatterhood's younger sister opens one of the doors during the battle with the trolls.

Her head is instantly snatched off by a troll and replaced with a calf's head, after which the trolls flee from the castle. Tatterhood and other tales restore her sister's head, Tatterhood sets off in a ship with no crew or company aside from her own sister.

They arrive at the isle of the trolls and Tatterhood battles the trolls and successfully regain her sister's head. The sisters escape and arrive in a distant kingdom. The king, a widower with one son, fell in love with the younger sister at first sight.

However, she declared she will not marry until Tatterhood does. The king begged his son to marry Tatterhood, and eventually he reluctantly agreed. The two sisters were to be married to their grooms on the same day.

The king, tatterhood and other tales young princess bride, and the king's son were regally adorned, while Tatterhood refused to dress up and happily wore her rags. As the couples rode to church to be married, Tatterhood asked her bridegroom why he did not ask why she rides a goat, and when he duly asked, she answered that she rode a grand horse, which it promptly becomes.

She asked the prince why he does not ask why she carries a wooden spoon, which he asks, and she declares tatterhood and other tales to be a fan or in some versions a wandwhich it turns into.