[Recorded by Abu Dawud (Kitab al-Mahdi, #), Imam Ahmad , ibn Abi Shayba , Abdur- Razzaq ( #), Tabarani. al-Mu'jam al-Kabir, Imam Tabarani, Publish: Maqtaba Ibn Taimmiyah, Qahira. Narrated Maymuna the Mother of the believers said: “The Messenger of Allah. Compiled By: Imam Al-Hafiz Abi Al-Qasim Suleman Bin Ahmed Bin Ayyub Al-Khami Al-Tabrani R.A (Death – Hijri) Total No. of Hadees  Missing: shareef ‎| ‎Must include: ‎shareef.


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They are hidden and hold high positions in the spiritual hierarchy.

They say there is a great saying amongst the rijaal Allah, that whenever there is a gathering of forty Muslims, there is a Tabarani shareef amongst them.

Sayyiduna al Shaykh Ibraheem al Yaqoubi raheemahullah [the father of our master] was tabarani shareef to be the Qutb [amongst the highest ranks in the spiritual hierarchy] of Shaam. In their ranks the truthful saints [Siddiqeen], the martyrs [Shuhadaa], and the righteous [Saaliheen] are to be found.

Among them tabarani shareef the great men of guidance and illumination, tabarani shareef recorded integrity and celebrated virtue.

Neither those who oppose them nor those who abandon them can do them harm, from now on until the Day of Resurrection. Some of the people of Makkah will come to him and swear allegiance to him between the Corner Rukn and Maqam.


Mundhiri, ibn Hibban, Hakim, Dhahabi, and Haythami 7: A hadith of similar wording was recorded by Daylami Firdaws, 2: Not one of them dies tabarani shareef that Allah replaces him with another one to take his place, and they are now the supports of this earth.

They did not succeed tabarani shareef rise above the other people with much fasting or prayer…but tabarani shareef through being truthful in their scrupulousness, having noble intentions, having sound wholesome hearts, and giving all the Muslims sincere counsel, desiring by that the pleasure of Allah, with patient forbearance, and a merciful core of beingand humility without being meek.

They do not curse anyone, or harm anyone, nor do they see themselves as being higher or nobler than anyone under them, or envy those above them.

Hadith on the Abdal | The Existence of the Abdal in al Shaam al Shareef [Syria] – Sunnah Muakada

They do not fake their humility, nor fake their being dead to the world, nor are tabarani shareef ostentatiously impressed with themselves. Whenever one of them dies, Allah substitutes another in his place.

By means of them, Allah brings down the rain, gives victory tabarani shareef enemies, and diverts punishment from the people of Syria. Munawi in his Fayd al-Qadir, Haythami By them rain tabarani shareef and victory is granted.

Not one of them dies except that Allah replaces him with another.

Al-Tabarani - Wikipedia

Whenever one of them dies, Allah substitutes another one in his place. By them, the earth is established bihim taqum al-Ardand by them you tabarani shareef sent rain, and by them you are granted help and victory.

Sahih according to Suyuti and Munawi, and Haythami A similar Hadith was also recorded by Tabarani in his Kabir He was bald and tabarani shareef, and tabarani shareef carrying a container of water on his head. By means of them, you are given rain, victory, and protection from enemies, harm, etc.

Hakim in his Mustadrak 4: Also recorded by Ibn Hibban The previous two Hadiths support the meanings of the previous Hadiths, which state that Allah has special elect tabarani shareef, and that they are concentrated in Shaam, among other places. These tabarani shareef the ones whom I would bring to My attention when I wish to punish My creation, and then I divert My punishment from My creation because of them.

Awliya, 76and Daylami Firdaws, 3: This indicates that this hierarchy of Awliya is not only occupied by men, but also by women. Unfortunately nowadays, we do not seem to have attachment to these people.

Our love is only temporary, we need to be motivated, we are not consistent and lack sincerity.

  • Allah has encompassed all things in knowledge (65:12)

These are the true celebrities of this time. To serve a WaliAllah is indeed a great virtue in both the worlds. Always express kindness and hospitality to visitors according to the best tabarani shareef your capacity.