6 / Image Credit: Locanda Antico Ricetto. Full screen background slideshow plugin for jQuery - buildinternet/supersized. Supersized - Full Screen Background Slideshow jQuery Plugin. Tooltipster - The jQuery Tooltip Plugin. Effortless Full Screen Background Images With jQuery.


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It is also possible to create folders inside folders, e.

Supersized – Fullscreen Slideshow jQuery Plugin « Build Internet

Once the folder s created, add the desired images there. Almost all options available in supersized jquery plugin options.

The list of slides to use URL. The list of thumbnails to use URL.


The caption title to use for each slide. HTML and links can also be used within this caption. The link URL where supersized jquery user will be directed when clicking on the image background individually for each image.

Details of how supersized jquery use the XML file can be found in the example.


Simply make a copy supersized jquery this file in your wp-content directory or another location within this directory, rename it, and edit it as you wish. WP Supersized will use default options as defined in the plugin admin for any options not defined in the XML files.

Similarly, if you do supersized jquery define any slides within your XML supersized jquery, the default directory slides usually in the supersized-slides directory will be used.

WP Supersized |

WP Supersized is installed and activated, my slides folder contains images, and I have set up the options to show Supersized. Why is the Supersized supersized jquery still not visible?

Here is a supersized jquery link showing the css needed for a cross-browser transparent background. How can I have links in the captions of the images?

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  • Supersized - Full Screen Background Slideshow jQuery Plugin
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  • The Code – Default Behaviour
  • Supersized - Full Screen Background Slideshow jQuery Plugin

This is not available for the default or custom folders as captions for images from these are extracted from the IPTC caption field supersized jquery the file. You have several possibilities to have links in the captions: If you use the WP gallery, you can simply type html code including links in the caption field of the images.

It will then be displayed automatically by WP Supersized. If you use the NextGEN gallery, same principle but you need to type it supersized jquery the description field. The last way to do it is to use an xml file as explained in supersized jquery FAQ and in the example.

Supersized Fullscreen Slideshow Plugin | Free jQuery Plugins

There, you can put html code in the title field Why does Supersized supersized jquery work with Internet Explorer 6? Sam Dunn has made the choice not to supersized jquery IE6 anymore.

If you are still using IE6, you should seriously think about upgrading!