I'm going to be Dungeon Mastering my first game with my three friends. I've chosen the Sunless Citadel from the yawning portal book, because. The goblins live in the Sunless Citadel and, generally, due not travel far from it. The goblins failed to meet the town's representatives at the agreed upon. I am currently DMing Sunless Citadel as well. First session, everyone's hyped. They have a little tour of Oakhurst then delve into the dungeon.


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Shaidarol replied, When the mind and the body are strong in unison, feats such as minor bursts of speed are but a useful benefit. The mind itself is nary a thing to be sunless citadel with. Two other doors lead from the chamber — one to the northwest and one to the southwest. When Darius entered the room to examine the door he was attacked by a sunless citadel rat hiding in the rubble.

The Old Road, Part 1: Sunless Citadel

Darius and Shaidarol slew the rat. After examining the door, Dzindra believes the door is carved to represent a black dragon.


A magical force protects the keyhole. Room of the Kegged Water Mephit 14 The northwest door leading from the entry chamber opens sunless citadel a long hallway with several doors.

The first door on the right north wall opens sunless citadel a deserted, ruble filled chamber.

The first door on the left wall of the hallway south wall is carved with a dragon-like fish in an aquatic setting. The door was locked, but Shaidarol sunless citadel able to open it.

1st time DM - Sunless Citadel : dndnext

Inside the room was a metal keg with sunless citadel large bung in the top. After a few minutes of combat, the party fled the room and locked the mephit inside.

After Darius cast magical stone on three rocks, sunless citadel party opened the door and attacked the mephit again.

Shaidarol and Dzindra dunked Sunless citadel in the keg to rinse sunless citadel acid off and save his life. After facing the mephit, the party returned to the room of the Rearing Dragon Door and rested for the night.

The party found green dye, paintbrushes, and five jade dragon figurines 15 gp each in the chamber 4 on a bench, 1 in the fire pit.


The party also met Meepo, a kobold from Clan Dragon. Meepo wants the party to rescue the dragon from the goblins. sunless citadel


He offers the party safe passage through the kobolds domain in return. The party agrees to help.

(5e) Sunless Citadel as a first time DM- Tips, Tricks, and what am I forgetting? : DnD

Meepo leads the party through kobold territory to meet with Queen Yusdrayle, the ruler of the kobolds. They were quickly slain.

The kobold Queen agreed to give the party a reward any two items in the throne room for sunless citadel safe return of the dragon. The Queen told the party sunless citadel The goblins are controlled by the outcast, Belak.

Belak grows the apples and gives them to the goblins.

Ashardalong is the name of the dragon here. In the throne room are the following items: Sunless citadel Yusdrayle indicates she might be willing to sell sunless citadel items to the party. Meepo has never been down this hallway before.