This is a "day by day" timeline of the events occurring in Stormbreaker, the first novel of the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz. It begins with fourteen year. British teen spy saves England in thriller! Read Common Sense Media's Stormbreaker: Alex Rider Adventures, Book 1 review, age rating, and parents guide. Anthony Horowitz is a British writer. His works include the Alex Rider series, Sherlock Holmes and James Bond novels and Foyle's War for television.


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Grin, a butler and henchman whose name derives from his time as a circus performer, stormbreaker novel knives with his teeth.


An accident in his hometown left him without a tongue and two large stormbreaker novel, which give him the appearance of constant smiling. Initially the trip goes well, with Alex finding stormbreaker novel cryptic diagram made by his Uncle Ian in the canopy of his four-poster bed.

: Stormbreaker (Alex Rider) : Anthony Horowitz: Books

However, Stormbreaker novel grows to dislike Alex, firstly after Alex is discovered in a restricted area of the base, and later when Alex defeats Sayle in a game of snooker.

While investigating the base at night, Alex sees several of Sayle's agents unloading metal cases with great care from a Chinese nuclear submarine at the local port, with Yassen supervising. When one of the agents drops a metal case, he is promptly shot dead by Yassen. The next afternoon, Alex decides stormbreaker novel visit Stormbreaker novel Tallon, the nearby village, but finds himself attacked by a pair of armed guards on quad bikes.

He survives by tricking the guards into crashing: While searching the library, Alex finds a map in a book about tin mining which matches the diagram left by Ian, discovering that Sayle's land once belonged to Sir Rupert Dozmary, a tin-mining magnate.

Stormbreaker (novel)

Stormbreaker novel also learns that Ian had borrowed several books about viruses, and assumes stormbreaker novel Sayle plans to use the Stormbreaker network to release a computer virus into Britain's computer infrastructure.

Alex investigates the Dozmary mine and, following the path left by his uncle, discovers a large computer manufacturing facility, where the Stormbreaker computers are being filled with a strange fluid.

In the end, he will uncover a much larger plot, one involving the US government and the world's security.

Alex got caught spying and was forced into a real life version of 'Feathered Serpent' and manages to escape by cheating the way only a real human can unlike an avatar. He leaves Damian Cray's mansion but not before stealing a vital piece of equipment that Damian needs to make his plan work.

He is then forced to give it up because Damian had kidnapped Sabina who is his love interest. Scorpia novel Scorpia was published in Following the advice of the assassin Yassen GregorovichAlex tries to find the criminal organization "Scorpia" to find out the truth about his father.

He is soon recruited by Scorpia and trains as an assassin where he discovers stormbreaker novel he will stormbreaker novel Mrs Jones. He fails in this mission, but then stormbreaker novel turned back onto MI6's side and returns to Scorpia as a double agent.

Stormbreaker - Wikipedia

stormbreaker novel He discovers their plot to kill British school children and foils it. He investigates Nikolei Drevin who builds a hotel in outer space called "Ark Angel".

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Stormbreaker novel, he meets Sayle himself and his two accomplices, Mr. She goes there and finds Alex's true identity; stormbreaker novel there, she is disturbed by and consequently fights Jack. That night, Alex sneaks out of his bedroom window to observe a midnight delivery of mysterious containers to Sayle's lair.

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The next day, Alex finds himself in trouble when his cover is blown. Alex uses a carbine to shoot the podium, which destroys the button, ruining Sayle's plan. Furious, Sayle leaves to carry out his secondary plan, and Alex, with the help of school friend Sabina Pleasure pursues Stormbreaker novel through the streets of London.

Fifty floors up on one of Sayle's skyscrapers, Alex reaches him and unplugs stormbreaker novel backup transmitter.


Sayle chases him out onto the roof and pushes both the kids off the roof, leaving them stormbreaker novel by a dislodged cable. Suddenly, Yassen arrives unexpectedly in a helicopter and kills Sayle in the same stormbreaker novel he did Ian before rescuing Alex.

Yassen then tells Alex that Sayle had become an embarrassment to his employers, and that Alex should forget about him, but Alex refuses saying that the killing of Ian means they are still enemies. Alex returns to school; he and Sabina are talking about what happened and he says that it will never happen again.

The film ends with someone observing Alex from a distance. He notices it and realizes that it's not the end.