STATIONEN: EIN KURSBUCH FÜR DIE MITTELSTUFE, Second Edition is an innovative, intermediate German program that combines. Stationen. 2nd edition (by Augustyn, Euba; ISBN ). • Dictionary: Use what you feel most comfortable with: “hard-copy” dictionaries or. Wed, 05 Sep GMT stationen 2nd edition pdf - Combine cultural topics, readings, and contextualized grammar in a unified and unique.


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By Mike Blades on Feb 01, Really great quality! Just the book I was looking for, just what I always wanted in my life.

Stationen, 3rd ed, Annotated Instructor's Edition

I would recommend this seller. By Alexander Vargas on Mar 07, Just trying to get these reviews out of the way, but yeah, don't think this book is meant for beginners, just helps improve with advanced stationen 2nd edition.

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If want something for beginners, try "Deutsch: German textbooks By George, M. There will only be 2 students and 1 teacher in a community College of over 7, students. stationen 2nd edition

Stationen, 2nd Edition (World Languages)

I do know other languages and have taught Romance languages. German teachers need to know that German Grammar is difficult for Americans, since we don't teach Grammar in our schools.

Word lists in German text books should be placed in three columns one for "Der" words, another for "Die"words and stationen 2nd edition words. This would help students learn the Definite article "the" in English rather then placing the words alphabetically which a dictionary does.

ISBN - Stationen 2nd Edition Direct Textbook

Those that are masculine say the Der words Place those that are Masculine in English first like "Mann" and other words that take Der stationen 2nd edition are not Masculine in English alphebetize them towards the end of the list. That is the art and love of teaching.


Interesting, but very different from 3rd edition. By Sir Crazylegs on Oct 07, Lots of good stories and interesting facts that can assist in learning German.

Only good to take with a class but as a warning, this edition is substantially different from the 3rd edition and will NOT be sufficient for most classes that require the 3rd edition. Some of the writing that was done stationen 2nd edition the book is lightly in pencil, and can be erased.

ISBN - Stationen 2nd Edition Direct Textbook

By Anastasia on Sep 28, Thank you! A teaching text book with questions already answered!? By Marianne Pich on Stationen 2nd edition 16, The book was used. Additionally, in solidarity with our colleagues in Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia, and South Korea who have been adversely affected by the actions of stationen 2nd edition leading marketplace we are waiving listing fees for all sellers new and existing from these countries.

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