The Galaxy Note 8 is here. It's the biggest phone Samsung makes, and expectations for it are just as big to match. Here's everything you need. Samsung has now uploaded the Galaxy Note 8 Android Oreo update for anyone who might care or be interested in checking it out. By anna | December 20, | Category Samsung. SM-NF SM-NF/DS – user guide Download user manual Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in.


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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review, 3 months later: A polarizing powerhouse So the Note 8 is big "Galaxy Note" has always been synonymous with "big phone," and that's still very much true today.

Taking on the Galaxy S8's proportions of being tall and skinny, but applying them to a 6. Samsung note 8 manual Note 8 is huge, there's no way to get around it. Even with very small bezels around the screen, that big footprint makes it rather tough to reach the top of the display or even reach across for a slide-in gesture from the edge.

In many samsung note 8 manual you'll have to awkwardly shift your hand, or just wait until you have both hands available to get everything done.

Note 8 manual | Samsung Galaxy Note 8

In a pinch, you can use the one-handed mode, which shrinks the screen down to the corner so you can actually use it without fear of dropping the phone. Some people love the big screen — that is, after all, often why they bough a Note in the first place. But samsung note 8 manual you aren't committed to it, and think you may be able to figure it out in the future, consider getting a smaller phone.

Two cameras are better than one Part samsung note 8 manual what you get for that added size is two rear cameras rather than one.

Access the User Manual for Your Phone

Samsung is using the most popular formula of two sensors with the same resolution behind lenses of different focal lengths — one "standard" field of view, and another that's roughly twice the length with a samsung note 8 manual field of view.

In practice, the second camera offers you an extra shooting option and some more utility. As you zoom in, whether you're shooting photos or video, the software will automatically switch to the longer lens so you don't lose resolution.

Better photos and video with samsung note 8 manual noise. You can also just tap the "2X" button to switch to the long lens, giving you samsung note 8 manual narrower field of view and an altogether different look from a "normal" smartphone shot.

It works particularly well for macros, provided you have enough light. You can view it on a PC or right on your phone. Available screens and settings may vary by wireless service provider and software version.

Hard Reset If you are experiencing consistent problems with your Galaxy Note 8, a factory hard reset may be the cure.

A factory hard reset will wipe all data and settings from the device and return it to factory default settings.

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Want to know before you buy? Advertisement Some memory cards may not be fully compatible with the device.


Using an incompatible card may damage the device or the memory card, or corrupt the data stored in it. Use caution samsung note 8 manual insert the memory card right-side up. When inserting a card formatted in a different file system, the device will ask to reformat the card or will not recognise the card.

Official Samsung Galaxy Note 8 User Manual - Galaxy Note Tips & Tricks

If the device does not recognise your memory card, format it on your computer. Frequent writing and erasing of data shortens the lifespan of memory cards.

When you remove the tray from samsung note 8 manual device, the mobile data connection will be disabled.