Archaeologists have discovered the site where the Greek fleet gathered for the battle of Salamis against the Persians ( BC), after finding. The Battle of Salamis was a naval battle fought between an alliance of Greek city-states under Themistocles and the Persian Empire under King Xerxes in BC which resulted in a decisive victory for the outnumbered ‎: ‎Greek victory. The Battle of Salamis was a naval battle between the Greek city-states and Persia, fought in September, BC in the straits between Piraeus and Salamis.


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The Battle of Salamis

Since they were not planning to flee after all, the Allies would have been able to spend the night preparing for battle, and after a speech by Themistocles, the marines boarded and the ships made ready to sail.

O sons of the Greeks, go, Liberate your country, liberate Your children, your women, the seats of your fathers' gods, And the tombs of your forebears: The Athenians would claim that this was the ship of the Athenian Ameinias of Pallene ; the Aeginetans would claim it as one of their ships.

He counted them at break of day— And when the sun salamis 480 bc where were they? When Salamis 480 bc attempted to board on their ship, they hit him with their spears, and thrust him into the sea.

Battle of Salamis

In her desire to escape, she attacked and rammed another Persian vessel, thereby convincing the Athenian captain that the ship was an ally; Ameinias accordingly abandoned the chase.

The Spartans had very few ships salamis 480 bc contribute, but they regarded themselves the natural leaders of any joint Greek military expedition, and always insisted that salamis 480 bc Spartan general would be given command on such occasions.

The much larger Persian fleet consisted of ships, although their original invasion force consisted of many more ships that had since been lost due to storms in the Aegean Sea and at Artemisium. The Persians, salamis 480 bc by Xerxes I, decided to meet the Athenian fleet off the coast of Salamis Island, and were so confident of their victory that Xerxes set up a throne on the shore, on the slopes of Mount Aegaleus, to watch the battle in style and record the names of commanders who performed particularly well.

Eurybiades and the Spartans continued to argue with Themistocles about the necessity of fighting at Salamis.

They still wanted to fight the battle closer to Corinth, so that they could retreat to the mainland in case of a defeat, or withdraw completely and let the Persians attack them by land. Themistocles argued in favor of fighting at Salamis, as the Persian fleet would be able to continually supply their army no matter how salamis 480 bc defensive walls Eurybiades built.

At one point during the debate, spirits flared so badly that Eurybiades raised his staff of office and threatened salamis 480 bc strike Themistocles with it. Themistocles responded calmly "Strike, but also listen".


In that case, ancient Greek and Roman culture would never have developed. Modern Europe has its roots in Greek salamis 480 bc Roman antiquity.

Visitors gaze at a depiction of the battle by Wilhelm von Kaulbach Herodotus - BCone of the most significant Greek salamis 480 bc, gave the war against the Persians an ideological bent.

For him, it was a salamis 480 bc of the systems. So it was that he divided the ancient world into opposites: Early in the morning of 29 September, when it was still very dark, the Persians started to enter the narrow strait.

Battle of Salamis

Xerxes watched what happened from a nearby hill, and saw how, at dawn, his ships were attacked on their flank. They were almost without a chance. We know that an Egyptian flotilla tried to block the Greek retreat to the salamis 480 bc, but it was defeated or neutralized by the Corinthian ships.

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