These four great hip rotation drills compete to advance to the finals for best hitting drill of the year. Baseball. To perform the RSC Power Turns baseball players will need a Reactive Stretch Cord and a partner. Partners. Enjoy this free lesson tutorial from Mike Epstein Hitting! This is.


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Greg Luzinski In sum, the Lau approach, at least when it comes to the lower body, is that all the power comes from the stride.

There is no separation or torque. The hips, shoulders, and hands move together because it is believed that any rotation of the hips will cause the front shoulder to fly open.

Rotational Hitting

Joe Thurston Joe Thurston's rotational hitting drills was the closest I've ever seen to a textbook Lau swing in a more recent player, and he barely made it rotational hitting drills in the major leagues. Given that the high-level swing combines both linear and rotational components, and the term Rotational Hitting carries with it significant baggage due to Mike Epstein, why would anyone still focus on Rotation and not something else?


Encapsulates the thing that Ted Williams emphasized; the rotation of the hips ahead of the hands. Contrasts with the conventional wisdom that too often -- and, in my experience, increasingly -- views rotation, and being rotational, rotational hitting drills a bad thing.


I was reminded of the value of the concept of Rotation during the fall practices of the college baseball team I work with. The problem rotational hitting drills, when looking at video of their swings, too many of our hitters were using terms like "Flying open" to criticize what were, in truth, good swings.

Then, in an attempt to fix something that wasn't broken, they developed an actual problem with covering the entire plate with power, I believe in part due to their efforts to not fly open.

Don't rotational hitting drills me wrong.

Natural Hitting - Rotational Hitting with Athleticism

Cues like"Stay closed" and "Keep your front shoulder in" can and do help some hitters. When they are rotational hitting drills advantageously. However, those cues are just that.

Not by eliminating Rotation. Josh Donaldson Demonstrating Rotational Hitting I simply rotational hitting drills know how else to describe what Josh Donaldson is doing in the picture above other than to say that he's rotating his hips, hands, and shoulders.

The reality is that the high-level swing is powered primarily by the Rotation of the hips. The hips then pull the shoulders rotational hitting drills the hands rotational hitting drills, allowing the hands to focus on adjusting to the location of the pitch.

The problem is that it's easy to find people who at best talk down rotation and, in the worst case, try to eliminate it from their hitters' swings.

  • Rotational Hitting | Drills to Increase Bat Speed
  • Making Rotation Work

In my direct experience, Mike Epstein's ideas and approach were a significant advance over the approach of Charley Rotational hitting drills, Walt Hriniak, Don Mattingly and others that I was taught.

However, and also in my experience, Mike Epstein's approach to teaching Rotational Hitting was far from perfect.

Rotational Hitting 101

The problem is that Mike Epstein's approach to rotational hitting drills Rotational Hitting is incomplete. It's an interpretation, not an implementation, of Ted Williams' ideas.

As you read on you will see that I am not a writer. I am just a coach who is trying to put into words what has taken over 25 years to discover.

The purpose of this site is to show what the elite Major League hitters are rotational hitting drills doing to cause their swing. There are many sites on hitting that are trying to sell you something to make your swing better.


They are either selling a piece of equipment to help certain aspects of the swing, or an apparatus that is suppose to make you have a Power swing. Others are trying to sell a quick fix to give you rotational hitting drills ML swing with power through their system of mechanics.

I have yet to read on any site that they took an average player and turned them into an exceptional hitter. Rotational hitting drills websites have testimonials which describe players as getting much better.

There are even testimonials from Professionals that they were helped, yet I still have not seen even the professionals become any of the top elite hitters. Whether you are a coach, player, or parent you will want to read everything here. These rotational hitting drills and links are set up like a book to follow chronologically so that you can make an informed decision on what to teach, and also so you will understand what you see when watching a swing.

Each link has a lot of movie files that will rotational hitting drills some time to download for slow connections.