Get this from a library! RMA annual statement studies [Robert Morris Associates.; RMA (Association); Risk Management Association.;]. General Note: Latest edition consulted: / Numbering Peculiarities: Report year ends Mar. Summary: Contains composite financial data on. RMA Annual Statement Studies (Book): Contains composite financial data on manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing, service, and contracting.


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Ratios are arranged by SIC number, and sub-divided into four geographic areas of the U.

For each SIC number covered, the following data is provided: We have been receiving the annual volumes in this set in the Library since R25 I27x These industry ratios are based on rma annual statement studies most recently available income statement and balance sheet data compiled by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States Department of the Treasury.

There are 79 rma annual statement studies or averages given for each industry. We have been receiving this annual publication in the Library regularly since B2 R6 This publication is a product of the commercial banking community and RMA now Risk Management Association, formerly Robert Morris Associatesthe association of lending and credit risk professionals.

Over lines of business are covered. Current and comparative historical data are included.

RMA Annual Statement Studies | Appleton Public Library (WI)

Financial statements on each industry are shown in common size form. Sixteen widely used business ratios follow the financial statements.

Each RMA Annual Statement Studies volume has a section at the front rma annual statement studies the volume that gives good definitions of each of the ratios and shows how each was computed.

We have been receiving the RMA annual volumes in the Library since Other General Ratios Cost of Capital Provides industry financial information relating to revenues, profitability, equity returns, ratios, capital structure, cost of equity and weighted average cost of capital.

Arranged rma annual statement studies SIC code.


Provides rma annual statement studies on over U S based industries. NetAdvantage also includes investment services such as the advisory newsletter Outlook and screening directories for stocks, bonds and mutual funds. There are also directories for private companies and the Register of Corporations, Directors, and Executives Subscription cancelled effective November 27, Includes global industry reports.

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While traditional ratios do not rma annual statement studies in the database, IBIS does offer a variety of statistical measures of the industry: Value Line Investment Survey http: The index leads the user to the page on which each company report appears, as well as summarizing key data for all 1, stocks profiled.

Part III "Ratings and Reports" carries a full page report rma annual statement studies each company including 15 years or more of summarized balance sheet and income statement data.

The core of the analysis appears in the upper left hand corner, where each stock receives: Companies are arranged by industry, with a summary page outlining investment prospects for the industry as a whole.