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Approximately prototypes were built at Rueil assembly and destroyed during development.


In JuneRenault purchased production renault megane 2 sedan for the X64, with the first test unit being assembled renault megane 2 sedan the Douai plant in Octoberand pre production units being constructed from December to the middle of The car was essentially a reskin of its predecessor, and carried over the 19's floorpan, engines, transmissions and chassis design, albeit with much modification.

Sales in the United Kingdom commenced in April Safety was a key focus of the Megane I, Renault's first car reflecting their new focus of selling on safety. It featured a pillar mounted three point seatbelt for the middle rear occupant replacing the common 'lap strap'standard front belt pre-tensioners and load limiters, driver's airbag passenger airbag from and an impressive[ according to whom?


renault megane 2 sedan Some features, such as the three point middle belt, had debuted on the Renault 19 safety concept vehicle and this feature entered production on the Renault Laguna before the Megane. The car also benefited from Renault's first "System for Restraint and Protection" SRPessentially a system of careful optimisation of occupant restraint by interaction of the seat, seatbelt, pretensioner, load limiter and airbag.

Renault - Megane - Technical specifications, Fuel economy (consumption)

Power came from the Renault E type "Energy" engine in 1. Renault also produced a limited number of Renaultsport edition Phase 1's with renault megane 2 sedan Renaultsport bodywork; however, these were very rare.

The Renaultsport kit was available to purchase for a short time direct from Renault France, but has now been discontinued, thus their value has increased.

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It was added with the facelift of The car in this test is hardly seen on public roads, but it combines all advantages of the Renault megane 2 sedan with the traditional look of a sedan: We asked for it, but especially on a car park packed with the hatchback version of the Megane, a sedan looks very conservative.

Even a grey and conservative accountant in dustcoat would consider this to be an inconspicuous car.

The charm that makes the hatchback so popular has completely vanished by the addition of a "boot". On the other hand it does offer an renault megane 2 sedan luggage space. The back seat too is now more easily accessible and offers considerably more room than average in this segment.

Start button Like any other Megane, this model has no key either. It merely has a card with buttons renault megane 2 sedan unlock the doors.

Used RENAULT MEGANE Sedan cars for sale on Auto Trader

After that the card is put in a slot in the centre console and all renault megane 2 sedan is needed to start the engine is to press a button.

Chances renault megane 2 sedan getting confused over the necessary procedure are minimal, because the display near the speedometer is showing instructions. Moreover the start button is not only just a nice gadget, but also the first of many safety features that make the Megane into something special.

The ignition is usually situated in the steering wheel column close to the driver's knee.

The hard cylinder of the lock therefore often causes knee injuries in case of an accident. Ergonomics Another part of the safety package is the headrests, which are adjustable almost renault megane 2 sedan to the roof of the car.