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Del mismo modo, las malezas frecuentes en las cebollas rabano cultivo siembra temprana son Capsella bursa-pastoris, Sinapis arvensis, Poa annua, Sonchus spp.

Algunos ejemplos son el repollo Brassica spp. Ahora se agregan algunas posibilidades de manejo de las malezas.


Tratar el campo con un herbicida no residual para eliminar todas las malezas germinadas William et al. En los suelos de textura liviana tales como los suelos arenosos o en medios artificiales de siembra, los tratamientos de herbicidas son riesgosos para algunos cultivos, especialmente tomates.

El uso de este fumigante es rabano cultivo efectivo para el control de Solanum nigrum en el cultivo de tomates.

No afecta las propiedades del rabano cultivo y por lo general los cultivos sucesivos producen mayores rendimientos Campiglia et al. Los resultados a menudo son variables, dependiendo de las condiciones del tiempo. The large roots penetrate to lower soils, below the nutrient rich zone known as topsoil, recover nitrogen and bring it back to the surface.

The roots store those nutrients and release them when they decompose.


Penetration of the roots help infiltration of air and water to the lower soils. Tap roots and rabano cultivo lateral roots, that extend from the bulbous root, can extend as far as 3 feet 1 meter into soils.

This root system has been described as a "Super Carrot," growing downward until it encounters hardness, sending out root hairs until a crack is located, then forming that into a root to force the hardpan apart with a measured psi kPa of rabano cultivo pressure.

This friable soil rabano cultivo for a greater root mass on vegetables, flowers, and other crops, potentially improving size, growth speed, and general health.

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  • Cultivo comercial del rabano. [1976]

The crown cover and holes then deter rain from splashing soil particles apart and washing it away, channeling the water down to the subsoils, averting erosion, or subjecting it to undue compaction.

Water soaking into the lower rabano cultivo then are protected from baking away in summer heat rabano cultivo banking it; the loose soil allowing crop roots to reach it, helping to avoid drought stress on garden and field crops.

Annual Ryegrass and Crimson Clover with BIG Radish

If drilled, the seed should not be sown deeper than 1 inch 25 mm. In rabano cultivo systems, the seed can be broadcast on the surface and either raked into the surface, or covered with a layer of compost or mulch.

Cold weather keeps the foliage from rotting away, so the soil is somewhat protected from wind and rain erosion, and decomposes rabano cultivo the weather warms leaving nutrients available to spring crops. The Rosette of leaves will aggressively fill out to cover available space.

Planted as much as several weeks before the harvest of crops rabano cultivo allow them to get established while the other crop finishes.

Las malas hierbas en los cultivos de hortalizas

Usually planted with other types of rabano cultivo such as Crimson Clover, one or two radishes in a square foot is applicable. For a full cover 5 plants per square foot are necessary. Plants rabano cultivo as chickweed, henbit, and oxalis grow in cool and cold weather, which the shade from the cover will stunt or stop entirely.