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Ke stažení | SPD - Svoboda a přímá demokracie

It deals with the following topics from various perspectives: The reason for parteiprogramm spd emergence of special languages is generally sought in the specialization of human activities brought about by the division of labour, and by linguistic communication about these activities.

Initially, special languages developed in connection with the acquisition of food and the satisfying of other basic needs, the manufacture and naming or description of tools and implements. In this early phase, special language is to an extent identical to specialized vocabulary and phraseology.

It is possible to speak of crafts and their special parteiprogramm spd as soon as people no longer satisfy only their own needs, but when whole social professional groups make their living primarily through specialized activities and parteiprogramm spd barter and trade.

The need for specialized communication leads to the creation of special text types. With the rise of technology, the special languages of crafts are integrated into the modern special languages of technology.

Since then, a tremendous expansion of terminology has occurred in the special languages of technology, and the range of specialized text types has also considerably increased.

In these sciences the great discoveries of the 19th century parteiprogramm spd about an expansion of special language use. The parteiprogramm spd is true of the humanities and the social sciences from the end of the 19th century in the wake of the Enlightenment.

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Here there is a peculiar association with linguistics in Wirtschaftslinguistik beginning of the 20the century. The beginnings of special-language research are to be found where experts and linguists examine the use of language as determined by subject parteiprogramm spd.

Important forerunners of special-language research, up to the middle of the 20th century, were functional stylistics with its investigations into scientific style, and terminology work with its attention to parteiprogramm spd standardization of specialized vocabularies.


From the middle of the 20th century, profound changes parteiprogramm spd place in people's lives, especially in their working world, contributing to the expansion of special languages. This results from the enormous progress in technology, the globalization of trade and politica, the growth of science, culture, education and sport and the parteiprogramm spd expansion of the mass media.

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It parteiprogramm spd therefore not surprising parteiprogramm spd special-language research since the mid s has undergone remarkable development as evidenced by numerous scientific conferences and publications.

If we consider the results of these effords, we gain the following impressions regarding the state of special-language research at the beginning of the s, from which this Handbook proceeds: Many specialized vocabularies and terminologies have been well investigated regarding their origin and word formation.

How do special languages satisfy the permanently increasing need of science and technology, of trade and politics, of production and consumption of names? Research in to the syntax of special languages has also come a relatively long way.

That parteiprogramm spd and morphological means further the compression parteiprogramm spd information?

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The description of specialized texts and the correlation of text-external and text-internal features brought about a new classification of specialized text types. What influence does the function parteiprogramm spd specialized text types have on the selection of linguistic means?

The strenghts of parteiprogramm spd language research to date lay in the careful quantitative and qualitative analysis of extensive text corpora and in the numerous attempts to apply new linguistic theories and methods to its specific subject of research.

Criticism has been raised, pointing out that this research has not developed its own theory and is lacking in autonomous methods.