The Black Page's Will Taylor takes us through a great drum lesson called The Paradiddle Pyramid. Single Paradiddle-diddle. Exercises: Paradiddle Pyramid · Double Accent Paradiddle-diddle Previous Rudiment: Triple Paradiddle. Next Rudiment: Flam. But the other day a druming freind of mine gave me this exercise called the parradiddle pyramid. I cant seem to get it right! I can play all those.


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paradiddle pyramid It also makes for a killer warm-up before gigs, sessions, or rehearsals. The paradiddle pyramid is a sticking that combines three rudiments: The paradiddle pyramid involves four single paradiddles, four double paradiddles, and four triple paradiddles and then goes back to four double paradiddles and four single paradiddles.


Add the Feet After you can play the paradiddle pyramid with the hands by themselves, begin adding paradiddle pyramid foot ostinatos. The rudiment is six notes long and is made of four single strokes and one double stroke.


A Triple paradiddle is eight notes long and is comprised of six single strokes followed by one double stroke. The idea is to create a pyramid of the essential Paradiddle rudiments and layer them in a way that paradiddle pyramid a pyramid structure. Think as if you are starting at the top paradiddle pyramid a pyramid with Single Paradiddles the shortest of the three rudiments in this exercise.

The Paradiddle Pyramid - Modern Drummer Magazine

After you play the Triple Paradiddles, or the base of the exercise, you ascend again and work your way back to the top of the pyramid Double Paradiddles followed by Single Paradiddles.

Overview of Paradiddle Paradiddle pyramid In this video lesson, we break down the Paradiddle Pyramid section by section so you can become more comfortable with the concept of the exercise and gain an idea of what it sounds like.

Paradiddle Pyramid Sheet Music Learning the Paradiddle Pyramid As mentioned previously, this drumline exercise is pretty straight forward and the concept itself does a pretty paradiddle pyramid job of describing the concept.

If you're wondering the best way to learn this exercise, here's a step-by-step process that will help you quickly learn the exercise: A good way to go about this is to play each step individually.


Paradiddle pyramid you're first learning this drumline exercise, don't worry about stringing it all together right away. Start by playing each type of Paradiddle four times by itself and focus on the quality and flow of each.

The Paradiddle Pyramid

Note that paradiddle pyramid Double Paradiddles take up 1. Once you're comfortable with the three paradiddle rudiments by themselves, start at the beginning and play four Single Paradiddles followed by four Double Paradiddles.

Paradiddle pyramid that a number of times and then move on to playing four Double Paradiddles followed by four Triplet Paradiddles.