: Numbers 2: The Chaos : Rachel Ward: Books. Adam, is Jem's son and he was born with her same gift,or curse, as he sees it. Adam can not only see the numbers of the person's death but he can also feel. Numbers #2: The Chaos. by Rachel Ward. "Did they? I'm sorry, Adam, I didn't know they'd do that. Still, it won't matter if you keep your nose clean, will it?".


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Throughout the whole book there is a lot of profanity used. Some people numbers 2 the chaos say that the absurd amount of profanity makes the main characters numbers 2 the chaos like bad role models therefore blaming the author for poor characterization.

I say that the profanity is a good thing because it allows the reader to see the true personality of the characters and shows an example of what not to be like because of all the bad and serious situations the characters are in.


Overall, I think a lot of people just take profanity for a bad thing right from the start. Besides all the profanity, there is also a lot of meaningful language.

Numbers #2: The Chaos

I can tell that the author has a very good sense of what it would actually feel like to be in situations like the characters in the book.

As a result, I numbers 2 the chaos that readers can get a better knowledge of the novel.

In The Chaos, there are two narrators, Adam and Sarah. A lot of people would argue that the plot line is confusing because there are two narrators.

Chicken House Books - Numbers 2: The Chaos

Numbers 2 the chaos Adam, with the help of his damaged friend Sarah, stop a catastrophe? Or is he, 2, counted among the "twenty-sevens"? She began writing in her thirties and her numbers 2 the chaos novel, Numbers, was published in The sequel, The Chaos, was published inwhile the third and final book in the series, Infinity, was released in Bowker Author Biography Reviews 2 Booklist Review Adam has the unwelcome gift of being able to look into a person's eyes and see exactly what date and how they will die.

When he sees too many people with the death date ofhe decides to go public.

His story alternates chapters with a second narrator, Sarah, an abused girl pregnant with her father's child who sees the future in numbers 2 the chaos detailed dreams. Ward delicately weaves the threads of their futures together with love, fear, and guilt.

Although not as artfully composed as the first title, Numbersthis sequel again delivers an action-driven plot with a thoughtful meditation on the nature of prescience. Fifteen-year-old Adam, the son of Jem and her lover numbers 2 the chaos too brief a time, Spider, has inherited his mother's ability to see peoples' death dates in their eyes.

Adam, is Jem's son and he was born with her same gift ,or curse, as he sees it.


Adam can not only see the numbers of the person's death but he can also feel whether it'll be a painful or peaceful one. The story is actually told in dual narrative.

Scholastic Canada | Numbers #2: The Chaos

Along with Adam's story, you also meet Sarah. Sarah is a young girl who eventually crosses paths with Adam. And then she meets Adam