The First Council of Nicaea was held in Nicaea, in Bithynia in Nicea is the city of Iznik in Turkey. The Roman Emperor Constantine I called the bishops of. The Council of Nicea was a historic gathering of Christian bishops in modern Iznik, Turkey, in CE. Convened by the newly-converted. At stake in the church's first general council was the simplest, yet most profound, question: Who is Jesus Christ?


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In the Council of Nicaea, "The Church had taken her first great step to define revealed doctrine more precisely in response to a challenge from a heretical theology. Eusebius of Caesarea counted more nicaea council[20] Athanasius of Alexandria counted[11] and Eustathius of Antioch estimated "about " [21] nicaea council three were present at the council.

Later, Socrates Scholasticus recorded more than[22] and Evagrius, [23] Hilary nicaea council Poitiers[24] Jerome[25] Dionysius Nicaea council[26] and Rufinus [27] recorded These bishops did not travel alone; each one had permission to bring with him two priests and three deaconsso the nicaea council number of attendees could have been above 1, Eusebius speaks of an almost innumerable host of accompanying priests, deacons, and acolytes.

A Syriac manuscript lists the names of the eastern bishops which included twenty two from Coele-Syria, nineteen from Palestine, ten from Phoenicia, six from Arabia, etc.


Of these, the first rank was held by the patriarchs: Alexander of Alexandria and Eustathius of Antioch. Many of the assembled fathers—for instance, Paphnutius of ThebesPotamon of Heraclea, and Paul of Neocaesarea —had stood forth as nicaea council of the faith and came to the council with the marks of persecution on their faces.

This position is supported by patristic scholar Timothy Barnes in nicaea council book Constantine and Eusebius.

Athanasius of Alexandria, a young deacon and companion of Bishop Alexander of Alexandria, was among the assistants. Athanasius eventually spent most of nicaea council life battling against Arianism.

Alexander of Constantinoplethen a presbyter, was also present as representative of his nicaea council bishop. Constantine organized the Council along the lines of the Roman Senate.

Hosius of Cordoba may have presided over its deliberations; he was probably one of the Papal legates. The Arian question regarding the relationship between God the Father and the Son not only in his incarnate form as Jesus, but also in his nature before the creation of the world ; i.

Emperor Constantine arrived nearly a month later on nicaea council June.

First Council of Nicaea - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

But when some of the more shocking passages from his writings were read, they were nicaea council universally nicaea council as blasphemous.

Eusebius of Caesarea called to mind the baptismal creed of his own diocese at Caesarea at Palestine, as a form of reconciliation.


The majority of the bishops agreed. For nicaea council time, scholars thought that the original Nicene Creed was based nicaea council this statement of Eusebius.

Today, most scholars think that the Creed is derived from the baptismal creed of Jerusalemas Hans Lietzmann proposed.

The orthodox bishops won approval of every one of their proposals regarding the Creed. After being in session for an entire month, the council promulgated on 19 June the original Nicene Creed.

First Council of Nicaea - Wikipedia

This nicaea council of faith was adopted by all the bishops "but two from Libya who had been closely associated with Arius from the beginning".

The sessions continued to deal with minor matters until 25 August.

AriusArianismand Arian controversy The synod of Nicaea council, Constantine and the condemnation and burning of Arian books, illustration from a northern Italian compendium of canon law, ca.

Attendees[ change change source ] Constantine had invited all bishops of the Nicaea council church about in the east and in the westbut only to bishops actually participated.

First Council of Nicaea

Nicaea council of Caesarea nicaea council[6] Athanasius of Alexandria counted[7] and Eustathius of Antioch counted [8] all three were present at the council. Later, Socrates Scholasticus recorded more than[9] and Evagrius, [10] Hilarius, [11] Nicaea council [12] and Rufinus recorded The bishops were given free travel to the council, as well as lodging.

These bishops did not travel alone; each one had permission to bring with him two priests and three deacons ; so the total number of attendees would have been above