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Next, position 01 was changed to a 65 Twin reverb with a bit of plate reverb. It is brighter and mustang iii v2 transparent than the deluxe. It already has a strong midrange voice plus I want the woody tone of the guitar to shine through.

Fender Mustang III 100 watt Guitar Amp

Position 3 preset is a 65 Twin with compressor, chorus, delay, and reverb drenching it. It sounds like all the 80 mustang iii v2 wave bands like The Fixx.

OK with my strat but I took out the delay and turned down the reverb and it was in the same tonal camp as the JC clean on my Cube So I saved these presets.

But that was also the fault of my FRFR monitor to a certain extent. I do not recommend this monitor although there are worse for 2X the money.

The thing has lots of volume. Maybe not loud enough for a mustang iii v2 band but I bet it's good enough for any quartet with a decent drummer.

Fender Mustang III v2 - Still Not Convinced? | The Gear Page

The Fender models tend to be bright with a strat compared to the actual amps which I have owned and played. This has to be tamed with the treble controls.

But it works with the Eastman. One negative is it seems to pick up interference from the airwaves that the tube amps don't pickup.

It is great also, just not as much umph. Musicians should always know their mustang iii v2 and choice of music. Jazz players will choose smooth warm sounds with a thick body or semi-hollow guitar.

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Musicians into Metal will select a different instrument package. The same goes for the country, blues, or mustang iii v2 musician. The guitarist adapts to a"feel" of the instrument Mustang iii v2 modeling amps came out This Fender amp Mustang III v2as well as others, allow the musician to design several different set-ups or tones for the style one plays.

It offers pre-sets that can all be modified to create the sound you prefer. Of course, Fender does not know who buys their product I went through all pre-sets an eliminated 70 of them.

Fender Mustang III v2 - Still Not Convinced?

Most pro musicians I know, do not require different efx stored. Furthermore, I did not want to accidentally step on the foot switch and get a "death metal overdrive distortion fuzz grunge" mustang iii v2 the middle of Silent Night!!!!


Be prepare to spend several hours "setting up" this amp to get all you want and what mustang iii v2 can give you. If one takes their time and r e a l l y studies what this amp can do I have had dozens of amps and guitars.