Born to Run by Michael Morpurgo - review. 'Magnificent Morpurgo has used everything in his writing I thought he would use.' bunny-ears. Born To Run [Michael Morpurgo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Summary: A lovely Black Beauty-style story about a racing greyhound's travels through life. Lots of kind and gentle messages about how to treat.


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Although Best Mate michael morpurgo born to run Bright Eyes as he is now called misses Patrick he settles into his new life and becomes a champion racing greyhound.

Life for Best Mate however seems always set to change and due to various circumstances he finds that he is without a home and is then taken in by Joe who runs a baked potato van and he names the dog Paddywack and so begins another chapter in Best Mates life.

Born to Run by Michael Morpurgo - review

I thought this was a lovely book. It is quite clearly written for children yet it still has an appeal to an older reader if you love dog stories.

The book has pages, but the font used is so easily readable that it's quite possible to read the whole book in an evening. The story is very charming and the characters are larger than life.

Be warned that despite this book being a child's book it may have you in tears! There are some very sad moments.

This book isn't really suitable for young children it tackles some serious issues one being children running away and the other that sometimes racing greyhounds are shot when michael morpurgo born to run become too old or injured to run.

This was a topic that I did not expect to find in this book but the author describes in clear detail that you are under no doubt what happens to the poor dogs.

Born to Run by Michael Morpurgo - review | Children's books | The Guardian

I felt this was worth mentioning as many people will find this quite upsetting to read. It was in fact an article in a newspaper michael morpurgo born to run this practice that prompted the author to write the book in the first place.

He had a rescue dog himself, which prompted him into thinking about the life story of a greyhound. The book also has a really good section at the back which will appeal to dog lovers.

Animal rights campaigners insist they are often shot - as we see in the book, rather horribly.

Born To Run by Michael Morpurgo - book review

It's typical Morpurgo that michael morpurgo born to run can write about something that's so plainly wrong - greyhound racing is an industry, and the care of its dogs should be a legally required expense - without sounding hysterical or full of rage. He has a great talent for providing a morally certain authorial tone without ever sinking to the levels of those he attacks.

Children can learn a lot about truth and justice from him.

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It's pitched at mid to late primary and early secondary age children and is simply, but beautifully written with an economy of style still approachable for the less confident readers yet elegant enough to appeal to the more sophisticated michael morpurgo born to run.

And, as Morpurgo's books always do, it tugs at the heart strings of every reader, whatever their age. Beorn to Run follows in the honourable tradition of great children's books about animals - from Black Beauty to Charlotte's Web to Call of the Wild.

Children have always loved them and they always will. Share via Email This superb story is about a boy and his dog.


The boy, Patrick, loves the dog and calls him "Best Mate". But Best Mate doesn't stay for long as he is kidnapped in the park. The kidnapper takes him to be a greyhound racer.