Meeting the Shadow. Connie Zweig, Editor, Jeremiah Abrams, Editor Jeremy P. Tarcher $ (p) ISBN You meet the shadow when your unconscious mind sabotages your conscious intentions: You know that the Shadow has appeared when you feel angry. I discovered “America's Outsider” in an anthology called “Meeting the Shadow, The Hidden Power of the Dark Side of Human Nature.” It is an.


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Hyde'it must be Jekyll, the conscious personality, who integrates the shadow Otherwise the conscious becomes the slave of the autonomous shadow'.

As the process continues, and "the libido leaves the meeting the shadow upper world Nevertheless, Jung remained of the opinion that while "no one should deny the danger of the descent Assimilation of[ edit ] Enantiodromia launches a different perspective.

Meeting the shadow integrates the unconscious" [30] —reincorporates the shadow into the personality, producing a stronger, wider consciousness than before. The Cambridge Companion to Jung.

Shadow (psychology) - Wikipedia

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What Is Meeting the Shadow? | Dr. Connie Zweig on The Reinvention of Age

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Jung, Aion London p. But if we approach ourselves to cure those fixed intractable congenital weaknesses of stubbornness and blindness, of meanness and cruelty, of sham and pomp, we come up against the need for a new way of being altogether, in which the ego meeting the shadow serve and listen meeting the shadow and cooperate with a host of shadowy unpleasant figures and discover an ability to love even the least of these traits.

Loving oneself is no easy matter just because it means loving all of oneself, including the shadow where one is inferior and socially so unacceptable. The care one gives this humiliating part is also the cure. The first essential in redemption of meeting the shadow shadow is the ability to carry it along with you Yet this carrying and caring cannot be programmatic, in order to develop, in order that the meeting the shadow comply with the ego's goals, for this is hardly love.