In memory of María Elena Moyano. Introduction1. Peruvian women, like all women around the world, have been claiming their rights throughout history. In recent. During the most violent years in Peru's modern history, a young woman from Lima named Maria Elena Moyano took on one of the riskiest roles  Nov 23 - Nov Biography of Maria Elena Moyano Delgado . Sociologist and Peruvian politics, born in the District of Barranco (Lima) a 24 November and died.


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Her corpse was then dragged outside and blown apart with 5 kilos of dynamite.

María Elena Moyano - Wikidata

Shining Path claimed responsibility for the attack as a response to the Peace March. Her life is summed up in her own words: She condemned the terrorist tactics of Sendero Luminoso and publicly proclaimed that they were not on the side maria elena moyano the poor.

She also condemned the human rights abuses of the military and police. In part 2, Moyano maria elena moyano the hardships of her impoverished childhood and describes the difficulties of achieving an education.

Later, with the disintegration of this group, would be another called "Renewal" which chaired for three years Residents of Villa El Salvador decided in to build a school for children, without the help of the State.


Young people who had completed their basic studies were maria elena moyano charge of education. The first action was the taking of various schools of the district, as the Pachacutec, and takes it from educational center, which at the first time was in the possession of the apristas.

For this reason it loses its program of studies at the University. He studied only up to the second year of his professional career. His family consisted of two children, Gustavo, born on 2 August and David, on February 17, As a mother and wife, I felt maria elena moyano happy, but it was you want to be as a person.

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Ina group of women who cleaned the streets of Villa El Salvador request to attend the meeting - up to then was founder and President of the Club of mothers Micaela Bastidas - where should create the women's Federation in the district, which would occupy the post of Under Secretary until maria elena moyano She also confronted the police, accusing them of violence maria elena moyano murders.

In a distributed pamphlet, Shining Path attacked Maria Elena accusing her of cheating, lying, and planting bombs.

María Elena Moyano - Wikipedia

She was the leader of a march against Shining Path. The people carried white banners as a symbol of peace.


After the protest, she was gunned down maria elena moyano fund-raising meal for a group of women. She had good reason since many women activists in Peru were murdered. Most importantly was the death of Juana Lopez in Augustwhere two weeks later Maria Elena began receiving death threats.

The Shining Path began to tell her to leave her maria elena moyano, or she would die.

It was the defiance that Maria Elena Moyano illustrated that triggered her death. She was killed in front of her son: