Marada the She-Wolf has 50 ratings and 6 reviews. Paul said: Let's see now. There's Red Sonja, then Ghita of Alizaar, let's not forget Zeenah, then Marad. Not as prolific or high profile, but he did other stuff. And "Marada the She-Wolf" is one of them, it's a three-issue long epic of swords and sorcery. Titan Comics is pleased to announce the launch of Marada The She-Wolf by Chris Claremont (The Uncanny X-Men; Excalibur; Captain Britain;.


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Marada the She-Wolf – epic fantasy action from Chris Claremont and John Bolton!

Arianrhod cast an illusion of a firebird to distract them, and Marada hurled her dagger into the soldier Inkose. As another soldier, Casta, rushed to slay Marada, she reached the fallen Inkose first and used her blade to gut Casta.

Using Casta's sword, Marada then faced Keos himself. Fresh compared to his exhausted opponent, Keos managed marada the she wolf pin Marada's sword, but Arianrhod stopped him from using his dagger against Marada, enabling Marada to free her sword and stab Keos through the gut. Ashake herself slew the last traitorous soldier, Macro, after which Ashake's loyal soldiers arrived.

Marada the She-Wolf #[nn] (1985, Marvel)

Recognizing that Marada almost certainly had saved her life, Ashake pronounced her and Arianrhod honored friends. Marada considered continuing her battle with Ashake but decided to instead accept her hand and part as friends. Ashake offered to Marada the she wolf to stay with her as her right hand and Marada declined, stating her pledge to return Arianrhod home, but commented that perhaps the She-Wolf and the Lioness might meet again.

Wizard's Masque, Part I - Marada was twice awakened in her sleep, once while Arianrhod was crying over having trouble remembering her father, and once when Arianrhod tried to use a magic spell to return them home, marada the she wolf latter of which allowed a Gyatrias a tentacled demon dwelling in the void between worlds to grab Marada and pull her through a portal.

As she vanished, Marada futilely hurled her sword, which was left sticking in her cabin floor. Marada emerged "another day" aboard the ship the Dromond, where soldiers battled Taric Redhand's invading pirates.


As Marada struggled fiercely, the Gyatrias released her in favor of easier prey, and she was left on the ship when the Gyatrias took a man through its portal. Thinking Marada a she-demon, the soldiers' captain attacked her, but she slew him, followed by the rest of the attacking soldiers.

Declining Taric's offer to stay with him, she shared a jug of wine at the city's central bazaar, but the two were soon marada the she wolf by Taric's many enemies.

They fled, but Taric turned to continue the battle and was soon slain by a thrown spear. Marada then fled on her own but eventually was cornered in an ally, at which point Jaffar teleported her into his palace, then magically re-clothed here in a princess' garb.

Jaffar introduced himself marada the she wolf Marada and served her a meal and some wine; he seduced her, and the two shared a kiss.

Marada the She-Wolf: Chris Claremont, John Bolton: : Books

This change of character from Red Sonja to Marada resulted in some dispute over ownership of the character. Since Marada's adventures were first published in the creator-owned series Epic Illustrated, the rights to her character were eventually given to writer Claremont and artist Bolton. Hitting stores on November 12,comes the shield-shattering saga of Marada the she wolf the She-Wolf — white-haired, blood-soaked swordswoman and mercenary, object of unearthly desire and descendant of Julius Caesar!

Chris Claremont is one of the best-known writers currently working in comics. John Bolton is an award-winning marada the she wolf artist and illustrator.

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Together with her magical accomplice, Princess Arianrhod, they battle evil demons, wizards, witches and unearthly terror!