El manifiesto Cluetrain: el ocaso de la empresa convencional [RICK # LOCKE, CHRISTOPHER # LEVINE] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Triangulation The New Cluetrain - Duration: Triangulation views · El manifiesto de. 10 primeros puntos del manifiesto clue train. Manifiesto Clue Train - Parte 1 - La importancia de internet.


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One with the market. In most cases, neither conversation is going very well.


Almost invariably, the cause of failure can be traced to manifiesto cluetrain notions of command and control. As policy, these notions are poisonous.

The Cluetrain Manifesto — Entire Text Index Page

As tools, they are broken. Command and control are met with hostility by intranetworked knowledge workers and generate distrust in internetworked markets. These two conversations want to talk to each other. Manifiesto cluetrain are speaking the same language.

Manifiesto cluetrain recognize each other's voices. Smart companies will get out of the way and help the inevitable to happen sooner. If willingness to get out of the way is taken as a measure of IQ, then very few companies have yet wised up.

However subliminally at the moment, millions of people now online perceive companies as little more than quaint legal fictions that are actively preventing these conversations from manifiesto cluetrain.

Markets want to talk to companies. Sadly, the part of the company a networked market wants to talk to is usually hidden behind a smokescreen of hucksterism, of language that rings false — and often manifiesto cluetrain. Markets do not want manifiesto cluetrain talk to flacks and hucksters.

They want to participate in the conversations going on behind the corporate firewall. We are those markets.

We want to talk to you. We want access to your corporate information, to your plans and strategies, your best thinking, your genuine knowledge. We manifiesto cluetrain not settle for the 4-color brochure, for web sites chock-a-block with eye candy but lacking any manifiesto cluetrain.

We're also the workers who make your companies go.

We want to talk to customers directly in our own voices, manifiesto cluetrain in platitudes written into a script. As markets, manifiesto cluetrain workers, both of us are sick to death of getting our information by remote control. Why do we need faceless annual reports and third-hand market research studies to introduce us to each other?

As markets, as workers, we wonder why you're not listening. You seem to be speaking a different language. Maybe manifiesto cluetrain impressing your investors. Maybe you're impressing Wall Street.

People of earth...

You're not impressing us. If you don't impress us, your investors manifiesto cluetrain going to take a bath. Don't they understand this?

If they did, they wouldn't let you talk that way.