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Mahouka light novel the Third World War, the world's superpowers shifted to these four nations: In Japan, the magic community is informally governed by the ten master clans in lieu of the government.

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Due mahouka light novel the limited number of magicians, they are treated as a commodity and are forced to enter magic related schools and professions. Nine magic high schools exist in Japan; they each specialize in different aspects of magic and are simply referred to by their numbers.

The story follows Tatsuya Shiba, a bodyguard to his sister Miyuki Shiba who is also a candidate to succeed the leadership of the Yotsuba clan, one mahouka light novel the Ten Master Clans that govern Japan's magicians. They enroll into First High School which segregates its students based on their magical abilities.

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Miyuki is enrolled mahouka light novel a first course student and is viewed as one of the best students, while Tatsuya is in the second course and considered to be magically inept. However, Mahouka light novel technical knowledge, combat abilities, and unique magic techniques cause people to view him as an irregular to the school's standardized rankings.

Her specialty is freezing magic, and her unique magic allows her to freeze a person's consciousness. In addition, half of her magic casting ability is used to seal Tatsuya's powers.

Light Novel

Before the family vacation in Okinawa, Miyuki treated Tatsuya coldly akin to how the other Yotsuba Clan members did. She began to warm up to him and when Tatsuya saved her life, she devoted her entire existence to him.

It evolved to the point where she disdains the touch of other mahouka light novel and expresses jealousy towards females around Mahouka light novel.

They often assist Tatsuya during investigations and dangerous situations. She has a tomboyish and optimistic personality, and is considered one of the best swordsmen in the clan. She considers Mizuki to be her best friend mahouka light novel has a crush on Tatsuya.

Leo inherited his grandfather's physical augmentations and fears he may also have inherited the Fortress Series' faults.

He is voiced by Takuma Terashima. She has a timid, calm, and feminine personality, and is voiced by Satomi Sato. Years prior to the series Mikihiko failed a summoning ritual which created a psychological block and prevented him from using magic effectively.

His involvement with Tatsuya restores his mahouka light novel, allowing him to regain his magical talents. He is voiced by Atsushi Tamaru. Honoka uses light magic, and her genetic loyalty is directed towards Tatsuya. She is voiced by Sora Amamiya. This becomes a chain to the MC and during the whole story the MC wants to break free of the clan.

But because of his sister, the clan uses her by making her the next head and forcing him to marry her. mahouka light novel

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The sister is all too happy with this my feel and opinion since it means he will become her husband. Thus making the MC unable to ever break free of the clan that broke him and made him into a weapon.

I have to add though that shat they kept was the MC's love as a brother towards his sister so no idea how that became romantic love, except that MC is a complete pushover when it comes to his sister. They are extremly restricted and to some degree shown as tools or weapons.

For instance all mahouka light novel are to some degree "owned" by the goverment mahouka light novel they all have mahouka light novel obligations on them like being soldiers in time of need.

It is also showcased that forced marriages between magicians to give birth to strong magicians are all to common example.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

Though that clans boy and she becomes mahouka light novel couple eventually so perhaps it never mattered? Still that this is shown as something normal and pretty much goverment approved to increase the amount of talented magicians is pretty dark [collapse] Even the MC's mom and dad were put together through deciding that their magical genetics matched so strong magicians would be born.

I would say that this is a mahouka light novel JP harem where the MC has multiple females interested in him but he has only eye's for one.