The magnetic field of straight current-carrying wire calculator finds the strength of magnetic field produced by straight wire. Explanation: For infinitely long wires, the formula for the magnetic field is, where is the current and is the distance from the wire. The magnetic field is calculated using our given values. This calculator may be used to calculate values of all seven magnetic components (D, I, H, Z, F, X, Y) for a specified location and date based on.


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Magnetic Field inside a Solenoid — Collection of Solved Problems

It follows that we can the neglect the outer field in the case of a very long solenoid. Solution We magnetic field calculations the field outside the solenoid to be approximately zero and the field inside the solenoid to be approximately homogeneous as derived magnetic field calculations the previous section in more detail.

We have derived that the magnitude of the magnetic field inside the solenoid with a given density of turns does not depend on the diameter of the solenoir and is the same everywhere in the cross-section of the solenoid.

The infinite solenoid is magnetic field calculations a reasonable approximation of a real-world, finite-length solenoid if we can accept that in the vicinity of the ends the magnetic field will be slightly different from calculated for an infinite solenoid.

How to calculate magnetic field of a solenoid? The simplest way to calculate the magnetic field of a solenoid is to use our calculator.


Simply specify number of turns, the electric current, the length of the solenoid, to get the magnetic field inside of it. In other words the magnetic field that makes a magnetic field calculations angle with the magnet's long side?

Thank you for the help!

Magnetic Field Formula

The integrals are easy to set up in Vector Calculus, typically hard to solve analytically - but can be numerically solved. Magnetic field calculations the current has a vector direction out of the page or screenwhat is the direction of the magnetic field?

Magnetic field calculations magnitude of the magnetic field can be calculated using the formula: The magnitude of the magnetic field is 6. The direction of the magnetic field can be determined using the "right hand rule", by pointing the thumb of your right hand in the direction of the current.

The current magnetic field calculations a vector direction out of the page, and so your fingers will curl in the counter-clockwise direction.

Read on to understand the basics of this phenomena and find out how can you estimate the strength of this field. Make sure to check our electromagnetic force on straight current-carrying wire calculator too! Magnetic field of a magnetic field calculations Did you know that electricity is always strictly linked to magnetism?


It is the result of one of Maxwell's equations which says that flowing electric current produces a magnetic field.