David Suchet and Laurie Metcalf in Long Day's Journey Into Night at the Metcalf's eye for detail is also shown in the way she instinctively. LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT. Approximate Runtime: Three hours and 21 minutes including intermissions. Studio Theatre. May 5 – October Ordibehesht 15 - Mehr From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous quotes, the SparkNotes Long Day's Journey into Night Study Guide has everything.


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Long Day's Journey Into Night, by Eugene O'Neil

Summary[ edit ] The play takes place on a single day in Augustfrom around 8: The four main characters are the semi-autobiographical representations of O'Neill himself, his older brother, and their parents. This play portrays a family in a ferociously negative light as the parents and two sons express accusations, blame, and resentments — qualities which are often paired with pathetic and self-defeating attempts at affection, encouragement, tenderness, and yearnings for things to be otherwise.

The pain of this family is made worse by their depth of self-understanding and self-analysis, combined with a brutal honesty, long day journey into night they see it, and an ability to boldly express themselves.

The story deals with the mother's addiction to morphine, the family's addiction to whiskey, the father's miserlinessthe older brother's licentiousness, and long day journey into night brother's illness.

The Wallis | Long Day's Journey Into Night

Act I[ edit ] 8: Although that "vehicle" had served him well financially, he is now resentful that his having become so identified long day journey into night this character has limited his scope and opportunities as a classical actor.

He is a wealthy though somewhat miserly man. His money is all tied up in property which he hangs onto in spite of impending financial hardship.


His dress and appearance are showing signs of his strained financial circumstances, but he retains many of the mixed affectations of a classical actor in spite of his shabby attire.

His wife Mary has recently returned from treatment for morphine addiction and has put on weight as a result.

She is looking much healthier than the family has been accustomed to, and they remark frequently on her improved appearance.

However, she still retains the haggard facial features of a long-time addict. As a recovering addict, she is restless and anxious.

She also suffers from insomniawhich is not made any easier long day journey into night her husband and children's loud snoring. When Edmund, her younger son, hears her moving around at night and entering the spare bedroom, he becomes alarmed, because this is the room where, in the past, she would satisfy her addiction.

He questions her about it indirectly. She reassures him that she just went there to get away from her husband's snoring.

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In addition to Mary's problems, the family is worried about Edmund's coughing; they fear that he might have tuberculosisand are anxiously awaiting a doctor's diagnosis. Edmund is more concerned about the effect a positive diagnosis might long day journey into night on his mother than on himself.

The constant possibility that she might relapse worries him still further.

Once again, he indirectly speaks to his mother about her addiction. He asks her to "promise not to worry yourself sick and to take care of yourself. They speak about Mary's conduct.


Jamie berates Edmund for leaving their mother unsupervised. Edmund berates Jamie for being suspicious. Both, however, are deeply worried that their mother's addiction may have resurfaced. They discuss the upcoming results long day journey into night Jamie's tests for tuberculosis, and Jamie tells Edmund to prepare for the worst.

She is distraught about Edmund's coughing, which he tries to suppress so as not to alarm her, fearing anything that might trigger her addiction again. When Edmund accepts his mother's excuse that she had been upstairs long day journey into night long because she had been "lying down", Jamie looks at them both contemptuously.