The Indian Museum is one of the oldest museums of the world boasting some of the most exquisite collections of ornaments, fossils, skeletons, antiques. Tour My India offers detailed information about museums in India. Know more about all tourist attractions & list of museums in India. Name, Location. Bhagwan Mahavir Government Museum, Kadapa. INS Kursura, Visakhapatnam. Victoria Jubilee Museum, Vijayawada.


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Museums in North India

The museums consists of a variety of antiques that date back to the 10th century. Some of the items on display are earthen pots, iron objects and other artefacts that were used list of museums in india the primordial people in their daily lifestyle.

One of the special attractions is the unusual type of earthen pottery on display. Items excavated from the 4,yrs old township of List of museums in india also arouse the curiosity of visitors. Those visiting Shillong for the first time will find it to be a particular delight.

It is also known as Entomological Museum, and displays a beautiful collection of beetles, butterflies, moths and spiders. It you go to Shillong, then this is a place which you should definitely visit.

Five museums from India among top 25 in Asia: Report

The museum consists of an incredible collection of ancient sculptures, antiques, curios and inscriptions from list of museums in india bygone era. Siddhartha Nagar, Mysore Visit Timings: Recently inaugurated inthis museum is being classified as a vital centre for environmental education and public awareness on conservation of nature and natural resources in the country.

It is a three-floor museum that exhibits the flora, fauna, mineral wealth and the geology of the western region and western arid region of India.


Short films, tiger head trophies and list of museums in india are the highlights of this museum. Ramsinghpura, Sawaimadhopur Visit Timings: Situated in the vicinity of famed Napier Museum, this natural history museum houses a variety of rich collection of ethnographic items, animal skeletons; stuffed animals as well as birds form list of museums in india of the country.

In the museum the personal collection of General Cullen which includes minerals and books can also be seen. There are several galleries inside the Natural History Museum and each one is exclusively assigned to one specific category of animal kingdom. Therefore one can see individual galleries for Mammals, birds, vertebrates, invertebrates as well as the skeletons.

There is also a library and a laboratory in the museum.

10 Must Visit Museums for Wildlife Lovers in India | The Heritage Lab

The in-house Ethnology Gallery list of museums in india visitors insight into the races of mankind accompanied by their place of origins, their distribution and distinctive characteristics.

They are used as idols, props for stories, toys, and for a number of cultural purposes. Napier Museum, Thiruvananthapuram The museum is home to a stunning variety of displays from across south India.

Special emphasis, however, is on the wood, bronze, and ivory carvings and artefacts from Kerala. The museum has a wonderful display of models of aero engines.

Museums in India-Most Popular Museum in India |

It also includes weapons, carpets, hamlets and others. You can also find textiles of varying materials, shields, Persian carpets, shawls and many others.

The embroidery collection of notable people such as Akbar, Sarada Purnima, Ramanavami, Dharana and others are includes in this museum. In the technology gallery, you list of museums in india find books related to textile and arts, models of equipment used by weavers and fashion designers and, many others.

Out of the numerous museum, this is an important one.

List of Museums in India

In the past, this museum was called as Victoria Albert Museum. This museum holds collection of exhibits that express the culture and history of the land.

You can find archaeological discoveries, clay models, silver articles, ancient maps and others.

In the Kamalnayan Bajaj gallery, you can find the models of ancient Mumbai cityblueprints, documents, lifestyle of people, entertainment and so on. The museum plaza holds many recreational activities for the tourists. List of museums in india Museum, Thiruvananthapuram Napier Museum, Thiruvananthapuram This 19th century museum of Kerala is the oldest museum in the state.

This museum gets its name from the Governor of Madras, Napier.