ANTHONY E. ZUIKER is the creator and executive producer of the most-watched television show in the world, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, as well as CSI. A revolutionary, cross- platform, immersive storytelling experience centered on a series of crime thrillers from the visionary creator of CSI: Crime Scene. CSI creator Anthony Zuiker returns with the second digi-novel in his bestselling Level 26 series. Title: Dark Prophecy: A Level 26 Thriller.


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Ones that is seems Steve Dark maybe behind or so Riggins seems to think.


Instead of the man in body condom, this time we have murders based on Tarot Cards. I was incredibly disappointed when Dark realised the locations of the murders were based on the position of the Tarot Cards in a Celtic Cross formation on a map of the US it's been done before, yes I rolled my eyes.

Level 26 dark prophecy murders come thick and fast with a body count level 26 dark prophecy over 17 and some of them seem to have very little reasoning behind them. I was left with a few questions at the end - like who was supposed to have been used to demonstrate "The Fool" and what the hell is Greysmith really up to?

Review: ‘Dark Prophecy: A Level 26 Thriller Featuring Steve Dark’

The cyber-bridges annoyed me somewhat - detailing a Tarot Reading that is done for Dark by Madame Hilda, at a certain point the readings are explained before the cyber-bridge they refer to and they're more a counselling session as Dark looks back the events that have shaped his life.

Such as his time in an level 26 dark prophecy, the deaths of his foster family, when he went postal on Level 26 dark prophecy etc. Dark throws himself into the investigation.

He and Special Circs are ultimately working toward a common goal, but the two are anything but allies.

Level Dark Prophecy - Movie Reviews - Rotten Tomatoes

Dark is searching for the killer while avoiding his old colleagues, and Special Circs is looking for the killer while trying to keep Dark at a distance. Somewhere in the middle of this level 26 dark prophecy, a journalist named Johnny Knack becomes a thorn in the side of every investigator working the case.

Dark remains a compelling character.


The relationship that was developed in the first book is practically nonexistent in Dark Prophecy. One of the most important characters in Dark Prophecy is barely in the novel. Tarot card reader Hilda Justine Bateman is introduced to readers in the cyber bridges.

Like Dark Origins, Dark Prophecy includes code words interspersed throughout the book that lead fans to Level In the first Level 26 novel, the bridges were level 26 dark prophecy supplementary videos that brought a scene from the book to life or showed something that was level 26 dark prophecy alluded to in the book itself.


The bridges only made sense within the context of the book. This time around, the bridges add together to form a one-hour short film. Each bridge relates to one tarot card and level 26 dark prophecy background information about Steve Dark.

Dark Revelations

They show the choices and circumstances that made him who he is and led him to this place in his life. The order of the cards seemed like more than a mere coincidence. It was ultimately necessary with the way the story was written.

The cyber bridges feature a few moments of stiff acting and some clumsy dialogue. In one bridge, Dark has an emotional outburst.

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Despite a few quibbles, the bridges are very effective overall.