Some twenty minutes before dawn on the first day of the Tibetan New Year — March 3rd — the heart of Lama Thubten Yeshe stopped beating. He was. Thank you to Nick of for permission to use images. Words and music: Colin Crosbie - www. Read A Tribute to Lama Yeshe compiled after his death in and published in Wisdom Magazine. Lama Thubten Yeshe was born in Tibet in At the age.


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As Lama Yeshe himself said, "In that year the Chinese kindly told us that it was time to leave Tibet and to meet lama thubten yeshe outside world. At the Tibetan settlement of Buxadaur, he continued his studies.

One of Lama Yeshe's gurus in both Tibet and Buxadaur was Geshe Rabten, a highly learned practitioner famous for his single-pointed concentration and powers of logic.

Osel Hita Torres - The reluctant lama - BBC News

This compassionate guru had a disciple named Thubten Zopa Rinpoche, and at Geshe Rabten's suggestion, Zopa Rinpoche began to receive additional instruction from Lama Yeshe. Zopa Rinpoche was a young boy at this time lama thubten yeshe the servant caring for him wanted very much to entrust him permanently to Lama Yeshe.


Upon consultation with Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche, this arrangement was decided upon and they were together for the remainder of Lama Yeshe's life. Later they travelled to Nepal where they lived at Boudhanath near Lama thubten yeshe.

There, they began to meet many more Western students and established Kopan Monastery. Today, there are over centers around the world.


Lama Yeshe passed away on March 3rd after a serious lama thubten yeshe illness. Two valves in his heart were faulty, and it was enlarged to twice its normal size. Even though the young boy loved his parents very much, he felt that their existence was full of suffering lama thubten yeshe did not want to live as they did.

From a very early age he expressed the desire to lead a religious life.

Whenever a monk would visit their home, he would beg to leave with him and join a monastery. Finally, when he was six years old, he received his parents' permission to join Sera Je, a college at one of the three great Gelug monastic centers located in the vicinity of Lhasa.

He was taken there by his uncle, who promised the young boy's mother that he would take good care of him. The nuns offered lama thubten yeshe robes and the other necessities of life he required at Sera, while the uncle supervised him strictly and made him study very hard.

He stayed at Sera until he was twenty-five years old. There he received spiritual instruction based on the educational traditions brought from India to Lama thubten yeshe over a thousand years ago.

From Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche, the Junior Tutor of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, he received teachings on the lam-rim graded course to enlightenment lama thubten yeshe outlines the entire sutra path to buddhahood.

Yeshe, Lama Thubten

Such tantric teachings as Lama Yeshe received provide a powerful and speedy path to the attainment of a fully awakened and purified mind, aspects of which are represented by a wide variety of tantric deities. The two would work together throughout Lama Yeshe's life.

Lama thubten yeshe number of students continued to grow, eventually resulting in the founding of the several institutions mentioned above.


At this time, the Tibetan religious community considered the teaching of Westerners to be undesirable.