Pages in category "Kadazan-Dusun people". The following 49 pages are in this category, out of 49 total. This list may not reflect recent changes (learn more). Kadazan-Dusun (also written as Kadazandusun) is the term assigned to the unification of the classification of two indigenous peoples of Sabah, Malaysia—the  ‎History · ‎Religion · ‎Kadazandusun Cultural · ‎Kadazandusun sub-ethnic. People & Culture: Kadazan-Dusun. This is the largest ethnic category in Sabah and is predominantly wet rice and hill rice cultivators. Their language belongs to.


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Ancient folklore tells of the ultimate deed of Kinoingan or Minamagun - The Almighty God or Creator, who sacrificed his only beloved kadazan dusun, Huminodun so that his people would have food. Various parts of her kadazan dusun were planted from which plants grew.

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During the Magavau ceremony, the Bobohizan will select some kadazan dusun of rice that are left undistributed until the harvest is over. In some districts, the chosen stalks are cut before kadazan dusun field is harvested and are then brought into the owner's house.

The task of Bobohizan is to search and salvage the lost Bambaazon who are hurt or separated from the main mystical body.

The KDCA is involved in various activities related to research and documentation, preservation, development and promotions of the Kadazandusun culture: Lately, along with the growing international co-operation of the world's indigenous peoples, indigenous knowledge, intellectual property and traditional resource rights conservation, enhancement and protection have also become new areas of the KDCA's concern and responsibility.

The KDCA fosters unity, friendship and co-operation among kadazan dusun multi-racial population of Sabah through its participatory kadazan dusun programs and celebrations such as the Village, Kadazan dusun and State levels Annual "Kaamatan Festival".


The movement's main aims are to encourage more participation of the young generation in the activities of the association and be empowered in various fields so kadazan dusun they would be able to help develop kadazan dusun Kadazandusun community in general.

Kadazandusun sub-ethnic groups[ edit ] Traditional rice wine kadazan dusun served by using bamboo as a drink cup in Kota KinabaluSabah, Malaysia. This is part of the Kadazandusun cuisine.

Kadazan people

We must understand kadazan dusun Kadazan-Dusun have various types of dialect from different region in Sabah. Next, it is also from the word "kedaian".

The word "kedaian" is originated from the word "kedai".

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There are no proof that "Kadazan" is derived from the word "Kedaian". This means they were called "Kadazan" because they kadazan dusun people from the town. Tunggolou in his article also stated that "Kadazan" means 'the people'.

This means we are basically "the people".

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We are "the people's" ethnic. Tunggolou also states that the kadazan dusun term was adopted from the word "Kedayan" whereby it is an ethnic group from Brunei and Labuan. She will then know whether a chicken, a pig or even a buffalo would be needed as a sacrifice.

At some time, it may only take a simple inait or prayer to heal the sick. There are a number of inait or prayers that a Bobohizan has to choose depending on the cause kadazan dusun the sickness.

The basic is the popo'intong or sumuku to get in touch with the good spirit consultants for further guidance. The Bobohizan may proceed to any of the following or other form of prayers which are; searching for strayed spirit of the sick person and preparing for its homecoming modsouhut do sunduvanappeasing the evil spirits that cause the person's sickness with the offerings modsuungreaching the stage of Rundukon [9] or being in the trance of possible dialogue with the evil spirit, in which the priestess becomes the oracle for communicating in attempt to know the evil kadazan dusun intentions magambavon.

It is the longest performance of the Bobohizan that could last for almost 24 hours. After being treated by Bobohizan for a day, sometimes for three days, one is not allowed to go out from the house.