John Dies at the End [David Wong] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE STOP. You should not have. Directed by Don Coscarelli. With Chase Williamson, Rob Mayes, Paul Giamatti, Clancy Brown. A new street drug that sends its users across time and  ‎Plot Summary · ‎Trivia · ‎Filming & Production · ‎Release Info. John Dies at the End has ratings and reviews. Wil said: I really loved this book. I didn't know anything going into it, other than that it w.


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Their encounters with the world are marked by awkward conversations and stifled laughter, hidden smirks and rolled eyes. And worst of all, pity. And no one cares. You kick and scream and cry out in the darkness and no answer comes.

John Dies at the End

You rage against the unfathomable injustice and two blocks away some guy watches a baseball game and scratches his balls. Scientists talk about dark matter, the invisible, mysterious substance that occupies the space between stars.

Dark Matter makes up That's the truth of it. Pile together everything we know and care about in john dies at the end universe and it will still be nothing more than a tiny speck in the middle of a vast black ocean of Who Gives A Fuck.

Well from the moment they experience the sauce, bizarroness and a mayhem-o-rama ensues. And I didn't stop laughing until the end.


The plot is utterly secondary to the reading experience and what shines in this book is the attitude of the two main characters, John and David, when they encounter the endless stream of nightmare situations in the book.

However, he is ambushed by Detective Appleton, who shoots Dave and sets the trailer on fire, having deduced the Soy Sauce is actively killing people around the town.

High john dies at the end the Soy Sauce, Dave inadvertently travels into the past to the moment the bullet he was shot with was manufactured and accidentally distracts the quality assurance employee. This leads to a poor quality bullet that ultimately fails to kill him in the present.

Molly and John rescue him from the burning trailer. Along with Detective Appleton, Big Jim, and several people who were at the party, the group tries to track down the body of one of the Soy Sauce users, now possessed by multiple demonic entities, called "Shadow Men" - nihilistic, reality-warping ghosts who seek to control all dimensions and do so by utilizing the Soy Sauce, the essence of Shadow Men, and their powers, able to manipulate reality and time to their will and kill people to remove all traces of john dies at the end existence.

John Dies at the End - Rotten Tomatoes

The Shadow Men possess or kill those who ingest the Soy Sauce - such as Appleton, who is killed en route. The John dies at the end Sauce user appears and takes them all hostage.

Albert Marconi, a noted expert on the supernatural, is having a conference on the paranormal.

The Shadow Men plan on using the belief of those present to tear open a portal to another world, bringing in more of the Shadow Men. A massive battle breaks out, and Big Jim is killed in the process, but john dies at the end group, with Dr. Marconi's help, manages to seal the nascent portal.

One year later, Dave and John are called in to help investigate the apparent john dies at the end of a local sportscaster, Danny Wexler. He is alive, but possessed by Shadow Men. With the help of Wexler's girlfriend, Krissy, John and Dave track down the possessed Wexler after being nearly killed by various creatures made by the Shadow Men.

Despite nearly being possessed, Dave manages to exorcise Wexler.

The next summer, Dave notices that someone is watching him through his television set. One winter night, he has an episode of missing timearound the same time Amy disappears.

John Dies at the End Series

Dave, john dies at the end he may have accidentally killed Amy, searches his house, and only finds what he is certain is a dead body in his toolshed. On the verge of a breakdown, Dave recovers when John calls him, having found Amy. Investigating her disappearance, John and Dave find more of the strange symbol that was found in the fake Jamaican's trailer, along with an unusually high volume of Shadow Men.

Tracking the Shadow Men, John and Dave, with Molly and Amy in tow, find a hidden entrance in an abandoned mall, leading to a multi-dimensional bazaar.

Fighting their way through strangely human guards, the two wind up in another dimension, where they are greeted john dies at the end strange, masked cultists who call them "chosen ones".

It turns out they were "chosen" by a massive, God-like, eldritch biological computer, Korrok, who commands the Shadow Men in a bid to conquer all possible universes for consumption and amusement via acts of mass genocide and torture.