These licks are primarily jazz fused with R&B fused with rock fused with awesome. Before I experimented with fusion guitar playing, I always. Jazz Fusion guitar lick | Advanced Easy Blues Licks |Blues Guitar Lesson | Lick Of The Week # Jazz, Blues, Fusion Guitar Video Lesson by Stephane Lucarelli. 25 Jazz Fusion licks from the best guitar players like Scott Henderson, Greg Howe, Allan.


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Though Lenny is known for his modern jazz, classical, and Flamenco influences, he also possessed a strong command of the bebop language in his playing. This line is built using 3rds and 7ths, or 3rd and 6th over Dmaj7, jazz fusion guitar licks a moving melody line.

25 Jazz Fusion Licks Lesson

In a similar approach to pianists, Lenny used 3rds and 7ths as the low notes for his chords, and used those guide tones to solidify the harmony below his chord-soloing lines. It take time to get under your fingers. Once you get it down, every Lenny style chord line will be much easier to learn and apply after this initial lick.

This type of comping between jazz fusion guitar licks makes one guitar sound like two, and was a big reason that Lenny turned so many heads when he jazz fusion guitar licks hit the scene. With a celebrated catalogue of recordings as both a sideman and bandleader, Burrell has made a name for himself as one of the most reliable jazz guitarists of his era.

Known for his bluesy playing, Burrell also possesses a deep knowledge of bebop vocabulary, which you see jazz fusion guitar licks the licks below. Kenny is known as one of the best blues jazz guitarists, and for good reason.

Smooth Fusion Licks — Music is Win

There are no slur markings in the lick, as each player is different in how they choose to play these kinds of lines. So, feel free to experiment with adding slides, hammers, and pull-offs when learning this line on the fretboard.

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Kenny Burrell Lick 2 Another sound that Burrell likes to explore in his solos is the Phrygian dominant scale. Here, Phrygian dominant is being used to color the Dm7b5-G7alt chords in the first bar of this short ii V I phrase.


When playing over ii V chords, you can play the ii, the V, or both. In this case, you learn an example of a V chord being the focus of the ii V progression. Played over a turnaround chord progression in F major, this line uses a C as the 2nd jazz fusion guitar licks of every four-note group.

When soloing over ii V chords, you can use II7 V7 instead as a common jazz sub. Jazz fusion guitar licks learning this line, put on a backing track and insert some chords between your lines to take this concept further in your studies.

Jazz Guitar Licks - Essential Lines and Patterns

Check out the second bar, where there is a tritone sub being used over the C7 chord. Take your time with this lick, use a metronome, and build up speed as you learn this double time Burrell line. The father of jazz guitar, Christian revolutionized the genre with his single-note solos and adaptation jazz fusion guitar licks horn lines onto the guitar.

In this section, you dig into Charlie Christian single-note, double-time, and chord lines as you delve into the playing style of the first jazz guitar hero.

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Though triads are often passed over in jazz in favor of more colorful arpeggios, they can go a long way in the right situation.

This lick is an example of how triads can be an effective soloing device, even when played from the jazz fusion guitar licks of the underlying chord.


As well as featuring triplets, there is a chromatic passing note on the first beat of the lick, Ab, jazz fusion guitar licks the A and G notes. Lastly, check out the b9, Eb, used over the D7 chord in the second half of the first bar.

141 Jazz Guitar Licks – Essential Lines and Patterns

This lick is an example of how a carefully placed tension jazz fusion guitar licks can create energy in a line, without having to overdo it with chromatic notes in the solo.

When learning how to play jazz guitarmany players want to stretch out and use a ton of modes, chromatic notes, and chord subs. But, a well-constructed melodic line will often connect more with an audience than a hip, outside line.

This is an example of that concept in action.

Again, this is an example of how triads can be an effective soloing device in a jazz setting. Again, though more known for his 8th-note phrases and melodic runs, Christian could also let loose and play effective 16th-note phrases jazz fusion guitar licks his solos.

Take your time when learning this lick, use a metronome, and slowly build the tempo as you work it out in your studies. Having studied music at the University of North TexasEllis had a deep understanding of harmony jazz fusion guitar licks melody that can be heard in his lines and solos.

In this section, you study a number of characteristic Herb Ellis concepts over a variety of chord progressions.