Irisbus Citelis 12 – niskopodłogowy autobus miejski produkowany od roku Do napędu autobusu przewidziano silniki Diesla Iveco F2BED o mocy. Iveco Citelis//A20/EEV/Euro5/3 türig - for sale in DE - Year: , Mileage: "Making fuel economies has never been so simple" for Iveco Bus more than kg in weight compared to its 12 m Citelis predecessor (with a.


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Urbanway is cutting edge technology combined with attractive design The Urbanway is truly a "city lounge" and is available in iveco citelis variety of forms. The range demonstrates the high-performance, lasting and economical solutions that Iveco Bus is now offering the European public transport sector.

The Urbanway bus steel structure combines reduced iveco citelis and very high strength.


This frame has anticorrosion protection iveco citelis by cataforetic dip during a total immersion process, guaranteeing excellent durability over time. The Urbanway concept brings together state-of-the-art technology and a design that provides plenty of light and complete operational safety.

LED headlights combine daylight running lights DRL and an LED lighting module for rear, braking, flashing and reversing lights, where all the separate iveco citelis are elegantly combined and integrated into the coachwork. This reflects the new style that now characterises the whole Iveco Bus Euro VI range of buses and coaches.

Concerning the interior, Urbanway has been working with a completely new roof design where overall performance has been made significantly more attractive in iveco citelis of quality of light and climate comfort.

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The new interior air distribution system is made up of ducting that accommodates both the heating and air-conditioning systems; for iveco citelis, an "air curtain" is now deployed at each door including the 4-door articulated version. A strengthened fixing system that is kept separate from the interior cladding panels means that running noise is iveco citelis.

The result is significantly improved air circulation within a silent passenger space.

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  • X Iveco Bus - CITELIS 12 HYBRID, 12 Metres, Hybrid Class I, 3 Doors
  • Sonstige/Other - Irisbus /Iveco Citelis EEV / euro 5 - City bus

No iveco citelis where comfort is concerned! The new range of passenger seating is characterised by reduced weight, modular adaptability and simplified maintenance.

The Urbanway range now has a completely new driver space configuration. The raised driver position provides excellent visibility of the exterior and less stressful driving while offering better driver protection in the case of a frontal collision.

Urbanway buses iveco citelis built at the Iveco Bus iveco citelis at Annonay in France. The factory employs more than salaried staff.

Sensor Iveco Citelis |

This international WCM scheme monitors and encourages production processes to be in line with the most advanced world standards. This Iveco Bus Annonay factory success has made the site part of the official circle of the most productive factories in the world. This solution also realises a significant reduction in internal noise.

This exclusive technology retains optimal combustion for an engine that can work only on fresh iveco citelis. Pollution removal is entirely done at the post-processing stage, that is, downstream of the engine which, for this reason, does not need to resort to recycling exhaust gases EGR.

The Hi-eSCR solution is particularly suitable for use in urban situations that are characterised by low commercial vehicle operating speeds and many stops. The Hi-eSCR system is protected by many patents, and brings a simple solution to the major challenge of reducing polluting emissions to the levels imposed by Euro VI, without the addition of complex components, without engine iveco citelis peripherals chemical pollution, and without generating excessive heat.

All this has resulted in a reduction in weight and increased reliability. Along with the Cursor 9, the 12 m Urbanway is offered in or bhp versions, whilst the 18 m Urbanway is available in bhp or bhp versions.

With the bhp unit installed, the articulated Urbanway is particularly suitable for steep bus routes, and for operation in situations that require a larger compressor for intensive iveco citelis use. These performance figures were obtained without deviating from the fuel consumption figures. Another significant advantage is that the vehicle retains the same passenger capacity as the old 18m Citelis Euro V EEV unit.

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Note that passengers travelling in the articulated section now have a dedicated ventilation system, and that the accordion connecting section is translucent on each side. Taken as a whole, the economic case for the new units that are now part of the Urbanway range is very favourable.

The drop in the Total Cost of Ownership figure means a quick return on the additional costs engendered by using Euro VI technology. The Urbanway Full Hybrid is silent, simple, clean and efficient Because of the recognised Iveco Bus leadership in the field of alternative propulsion systems, the company has been iveco citelis the continually growing expectations of the political authorities and the operators for clean vehicles that respect natural iveco citelis, the environment iveco citelis public health.