5 of the Best Ebook Reader Apps for iOS. Marvin. Marvin can read e-books from your own personal library just as easily as a Calibre-powered OPDS server. tiReader. tiReader has big aspirations. KyBook 2. Kybook 2 offers awesome integration with existing free ebook libraries like Project Gutenberg. Hyphen. Bluefire. There are three popular ways of adding personal files to book reading apps in iOS. The option to add own books via Dropbox is still there, but it's harder to find. Major update of Dropbox app, redesigned for iOS 7, made it harder to open epub or mobi files in relevant apps. So in this article you will learn about the best eBook readers for your with a couple of taps to link Marvin to Dropbox app on your iPhone/iPad.


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This also does so without exiting the app, which iphone ebook reader dropbox for a seamless return straight back to what you were previously doing. Its text formatting features are second to none, putting it way ahead of anything else available.

The Deep View AI engine is handy, probably more so to students.


iphone ebook reader dropbox Highlighting and note taking, whilst not covered in this review, are all on a par or better than the offerings from Amazon and Apple.

There are other hidden gems here too, such as the ability to save definitions of every word you look up, thus creating your own personal dictionary that you can later export.

Best 6 iPhone/iPad E-book Reader 2018

Marvin comes with a bundle of free ebooks, available to download after launching the app for the first time. These include several classic novels, which is great for those who love reading classic literature.

Not to your taste? Awesome unique features include extra screen darkening and Flux-like screen warming for late-night reading, Deep View, which reads your book and summarizes all the uses of a character or place name, and Karaoke, which flashes individual words on the screen quickly to enable iphone ebook reader dropbox a la Spreeder.

The highlighting tool is robust but requires a few taps to reveal the complete options. If you want super-easy access to making marginalia, that might annoy you after a while, but highlight-happy readers will find it a good balance.

And The Winner Is Best eBook Reading App | Cult of Mac

It handles just about every media type except for videos. OverDrive provides access to about 16, libraries and iphone ebook reader dropbox, school libraries in the U.

In addition to e-books, the service also lets you borrow audiobooks and streaming video.

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Once installed, the first thing you'll want to do is add your local library. Because OverDrive supports cloud syncing, you can install OverDrive on any number of devices you own, and always have access to your collection and bookmarked pages.

The OverDrive app also offers some basic settings, such as the ability to change font size and style, background colors and line spacing. You can highlight text and add iphone ebook reader dropbox, but only in browser mode.

Top E-book Reader Apps for iOS in - Apple Gazette

They all agree to try to cast a spell to change their luck with iphone ebook reader dropbox mates. From that point on: Tap on the export icon in the upper right corner of the screen like so: If you have more than 4 potential export applications you can scroll up and down to find the one you want when you first open the export dialog box there is a scroll bar on the side but it vanishes after a scant second or so.

Tap on Stanza to begin the export process. I was able to add books from Dropbox through Marvin just a few days ago and now, I'm getting that error and I'm iphone ebook reader dropbox.

I rebooted my computer PC and my iPhone and still get the error.