Analysis of India's Connect Central Asia Policy — first unveiled in Bishkek in — has largely centered on opportunities from expansion of. Central Asia stretches from the Caspian Sea in the west to China in the east and from The Silk Road connected Muslim lands with the people of Europe, India, and China. This crossroads position has intensified the conflict between tribalism  Population • Density‎: ‎69,,; /km2. India's Connect Central Asia Policy. December 02, India's Connect Central Asia Policy. A look back at India-Central Asia relations in the Post-Soviet era.


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Click here to subscribe for full access. Central Asian states have benefited from the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation ITEC Programwhich offers training courses, infrastructure-related cooperation, and disaster relief to countries. That will be major connectivity initiative for Central Asian outreach as well.

Following the recent change of leadership in Tashkent, the nature of the regional outlook is changing in favour india central asia intra-regional cooperation.

India and China new players in Central Asia’s ‘Great Game’

Absence of a viable banking infrastructure in the region is a major barrier to trade and investment. Indian banks can expand their presence if they see a favourable policy environment.

India will jointly work to improve air connectivity between our countries. India is one of the biggest markets for outbound travelers estimated at USD 21 billion in Central Asian region is land locked. Poor connectivity has also contributed to the below-par trade between India central asia and India central asia Asia.

The key constraint India faces is the lack of direct access to Central Asia. The unstable situation in Afghanistan and a highly problematic India-Pakistan relation have deprived India from the benefit of relations with Central Asia.

Relations with India India central asia has not been able to take advantage of its civilisational and historical ties with the region as adequate attention was not accorded to the relations. Another significant reason for the listless state of bilateral ties is that India does not share physical borders with any of the Central Asian states.

This is a huge bottleneck in promoting and expanding economic, commercial, energy, tourist links etc. No direct route from India to india central asia countries is available as Pakistan does not permit goods, india central asia or people to move through its territory to Afghanistan, let alone to Central Asia beyond it.

Trade hence has been conducted with Central Asia through China. This is both time consuming and expensive.

India-Central Asia relations | The Diplomat

Alternatively cargo has to be sent to by sea to Northern Europe from where it is transported by rail and road through Russia india central asia other adjacent countries.

India uses the instrumentality of soft power and its ready acceptability in Central Asia to strengthen bilateral ties.

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There india central asia immense interest in Indian classical dance, music, Bollywood films, yoga, literature etc. India regularly and frequently arranges cultural events in these countries and also provides scholarships for study in India of these disciplines by young men and women of these countries.


The Indian Technical india central asia Economic Cooperation ITEC Programme is an effective instrument under which young professionals of these countries undergo training india central asia human capacity development in areas ranging from banking, remote sensing and English speaking to agriculture, rural development and information technology in the premier institutions in India.

ITEC has significantly contributed to economic and social growth and development of beneficiary countries. More energy and vigour needs to be india central asia to the area of commercial and economic ties. One important reason for the uninspiring level of bilateral commercial ties is lack of authentic and up-to-date information on potential and possibilities available in this area.

Private sector needs to look at these countries s with greater seriousness and focus.

India's Soft Power at Play in Central Asia

Our companies need to participate in trade fairs and organise single country trade fairs in major commercial and industrial centres of these countries. Several private agencies also organize sale-cum-exhibition shows with private companies in different cities. These shows provide greater exposure for Indian companies and products amongst business and consumers of these countries.

Significant opportunities exist india central asia Indian companies to undertake projects for building infrastructure related to rail network, roads, highways, power stations, transmission lines, renewable energy, nuclear power etc in these countries.

Several areas present excellent opportunities for enhancing bilateral trade and economic cooperation. Moreover China imports india central asia 20 million tons of oil from Kazakhstan and 40 bcm of gas from Turkmenistan in addition to large quantities of uranium and other minerals from these countries.