A Saga of Pain in ICE CANDY MAN: At the very opening of the novel, the novelist introduced the narrator. Lenny, who is four year old, belongs to a very. Sidhwa's title carries significance in both the novel and the thematic applications of it. On one hand, the "ice candy man" is an important character in the novel. Bapsi Sidhwa is an internationally acclaimed author. Raised in Lahore, Pakistan, she now lives in Houston, Texas. She has written five novels Ice - Candy.


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Blatant humour, subtle jesting, even moments of ice candy man hilarity occur here and there, lending a lighter touch to the otherwise horrifying repetitions of rape, death and kidnapping that dot the narrative.


So, we are English! But the fascinating thing this story does is that it plants these figures in that time very solidly, like ice candy man coming to life out of history books. Suddenly the actions of Nehru and Gandhi and Jinnah and Lord Wavell and Mountbatten, people who existed too long away for me to really care about, suddenly seem much more significant, carrying so much more weight.

ice candy man


Muslim or Sikh, we are basically Jats. How can we fight each other?

And an enemy to their enemies. And then a Mussulman! God and the politicians have enough servers.


So, I serve my friends. I have a radio. But our relationships with the Hindus are bound by strong ties. Ice candy man city folk can afford to fight. We are dependent on each other: To us villagers, what does it matter if a peasant is a Hindu, or a Muslim, or a Sikh?

What is the relevance of the title, Ice-Candy-Man?

And when they do, when friends turn against each other, it is where the story hurts the most. Those were the moments when you need a break from reading this novel, because you ache both for the Muslim whose family has been slaughtered during a train ride, but you also pity the Hindu whose family is the one the remaining Muslims take their anger out on.

He also ice candy man Lenny by ensuring to help Ayah but instead helps mob to locate her hiding. In addition, the scene at Pir Pindo is contrasting ice candy man the first one, when Lenny visited this place.

Justify the Title Ice Candy Man by Bapsi Sidhwa | English Summary

The Muslim men and ice candy man are butchered and Muslim women raped in the Mosques and then reduced to corpses by Sikh marauders. Muslims also reply Sikhs and Hindus by killing their ice candy man and raping their women in Lahore.

All this show how fake is the sweetness of man. It vanishes and the iced-face comes into light when such a situation arises. For them, these individuals are the real "ice candy men" who were able to sell something that was "ice" as "candy.

Finally, I think that Sidhwa's title having to be renamed as " Cracking India " because of its potential for drug associations helps to ice candy man how the understanding of Partition, even in the modern setting, is a challenging one, often ladled with confusion and misunderstanding.