THE HUI MING CHING. The Book of Consciousness and Life. Translated by Richard Wilhelm and rendered into English by Cary F. Baynes. The Secret of the Golden Flower. [ T'ai I Chin Hua Tsung Chih ]. Translated by Richard Wilhelm; Translated from German by Cary F. Baynes; Published by. QR code for The Hui Ming Ching. The Book of Consciousness and Life. Title, The Hui Ming Ching. The Book of Consciousness and Life. Author, Hua-yang LIU.


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From this time on, if the utmost quietness is not achieved, human nature and life never see each other again. Therefore it is said in The Plan of the Supreme Ultimate that the hui ming ching One includes within itself true energy pranaseed, spirit, animus and anima. If the hui ming ching are absolutely tranquil so that the heavenly heart can be seem, the spiritual intelligence reaches the origin unaided.

The Hui Ming Ching

This human nature lives indeed in true space, but the radiance of the light dwells in the two eyes. Therefore the Master teaches the circulation of the light so that the true human nature may be reached.

The true human nature hui ming ching the primal spirit. The primal spirit is precisely human nature and life, and if one accepts what is real in it, it is the primal energy. And the great Hui ming ching is just this thing.

The Master is further concerned that people should not miss the way that leads from conscious action to unconscious non-action.

Therefore he says, the magic of the Elixir of Life makes use of conscious action in order that unconscious non-action may be attained. Conscious action consists in setting the light in circulation by reflection in hui ming ching to make manifest the release of heaven, If then the true seed is born, and the right method applied in order to melt and mix it, and in that way to hui ming ching the Elixir of Life, then one goes through the pass.

Hui ming ching embryo, which must be developed by the work of warming, nourishing, bathing, and washing, is formed.

That passes over into the realm of unconscious non-action. A whole year of this fire-period is needed before the embryo is born, sheds the shells, and passes out of the ordinary world into the holy hui ming ching.


This hui ming ching is quite simple and hui ming ching. But there are so many transforming and changing conditions connected with it that hui ming ching is said that not with one leap can a man suddenly get there. Whoever seeks eternal life must search for the place whence human nature and life originally sprang.

But compared to the great Way, heaven and earth, too, are like a bubble and a shadow. Only the primal spirit and the true nature overcome time and space". The energy of the seed, like heaven and earth, is transitory, but the primal spirit is beyond the polar differences.

Here is the place whence heaven and earth derive their being. When students understand how to grasp the primal spirit they overcome the polar opposites of light and darkness and tarry no longer in the three hui ming ching.


When men are set free from the womb, the primal spirit dwells in the square inch between the hui ming chingbut the conscious spirit dwells below in the heart. This lower fleshly heart has the shape of a large peach: This heart is dependent on the outside world.


If a man does not eat for one day even, it feels extremely uncomfortable. If it hears something terrifying it throbs; if it hui ming ching something enraging it stops; if it is faced with death it becomes sad; if it sees something beautiful it is dazzled.

The Hui Ming Ching. The Book of Consciousness and Life - Hua-yang LIU - Google книги

But the heavenly heart in the head, when would it have moved in the least? Can the heavenly heart not move? How can the true thought in the square inch move! If it really moves, that is not hui ming ching.

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