This is going to be a very quick tutorial on how to build a very cheap and easy to make taser, or a stungun. Obviously this is not a toy and Im not responsible for. Every homesteader should learn how to make a homemade stun gun and properly use it for self-defense. Good thing we have this easy and. Well, again don't zap anyone with this. You can make other useful devices with this design such as ignitor, a noisy-sparky-dim-inefficient light.


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Then you have to locate the small black item which holds how to make stun gun two cables, which basically start the spark when you try to use the lighter the normal way. Cut the plastic insulation off the top of the two cables, no more than half an inch. You then need to make sure that the two cables are stretched facing away the button of the black item you extracted from the lighter.

How to Make A Taser: Several Taser Types with DIY Instructions

Imagine that when you need to use the final taser, you have to press the button just like you do with a pen. Remove all the items that are inside, including the ink filler. You should have only a tiny tube-like item. It all depends on what you use for the electricity generator.

You can watch the above tutorial in this instructional YouTube video. So for this tutorial you will need a Kodak camera and a soldering iron.

A helpful item to prepare is a screwdriver. Use the screwdriver to remove all the screws from the camera so as to remove the how to make stun gun casing. Remove the battery first and then the film.

Remove it safely, by holding it at the protective areas and do how to make stun gun first.


Next it will be easier to handle the items. Next, as you have removed the battery you will have two protruding wires.

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  • A few words of caution

You must solder one additional wire to one of the camera wires, and a second one to the other wire. This means that you virtually have to extend the already soldered wires that are in the camera by adding a bit more length. Also, cut a hole how to make stun gun the button is, so you can actually press it.

How To Make A Homemade Stun Gun | Homesteading Survival Skills

Or you can also use cardboard to make the casing. Since cardboard is more flexible, you may not even need a button hole. You can also tape the entire thing with protective insulating tape.

Disposable camera taser Here is another version of the above taser we made, but in slightly more detail and a bit of a different setting.

Here, the Kodak camera can be replaced with any disposable camera with a flash like this one here. Ignition Coil Winding On the other hand, the output to input current ratio it proportional how to make stun gun input winding number of turns to the output, which is backwards the voltage ratio.

It reduces the number of connections to how to make stun gun coil, but also eliminates the primary to secondary isolation that is not needed here, but is critical in many other applications such as isolated power converters.

So like a regular transformer, if I put 10VAC on the primary of this specific transformer with Unlike a capacitor that tried as hard as it can to keep the voltage across if as stable as possible by sourcing and sinking surges of current, the inductor how to make stun gun to keep its current stable as much as it can, by surging the voltage across it.

So if you charge it to a certain current, how to make stun gun tries to not allow or slowly change the current. What does that do for us? Take a look at the circuit below.

At the beginning the current through the inductor L1 is zero.

How to Make a Taser (Stun Gun)

Say it rises to 1A and then we open the switch. But the inductor wants to continue driving 1A current. So what happens is that it pushed the current through D1, how to make stun gun was off up to this point and turns it on, and the current runs through R1 resistor.

So just that easily, we created 1kV spike.