Homer Lusk Collyer (November 6, – March 21, ) and Langley Wakeman Collyer (October 3, – c. March 9, ), known as the Collyer brothers,  Missing: y ‎| ‎Must include: ‎y. The story of the Collyer brothers has become a legend for almost all New Yorkers. In the late s, the police found the bodies of two brothers in their mansion. Homer & Langley is a novel by American author E. L. Doctorow published in September It imagines a version of the lives of the Collyer brothers of New  Pages‎: ‎ pp.


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Homer & Langley

This novel is actually homer y langley through the narration of Homer looking retrospectively at the lives of the two homer y langley. I didn't lose my sight all at once, it was like the movies, a slow fade-out. He and Langley encounter a motley assortment of persons throughout their time, including gangsters, prostitutes, musicians, immigrants and hippies.


They host parties; they wrestle with the authorities, including the electric and water companies and homer y langley health department; they fend off the abuse of rude children.

At times, the glimpse at life and its absurdities was almost comical.


While at the same time, Homer's introspective viewpoint was intensely stirring. Homer yearned for love. My sense of myself as damaged suggested the wiser course of seclusion as a means of avoiding pain, sorrow, and humiliation. Doctorow homer y langley to capture a bit of the nostalgia of times gone by in an ever-changing city.

Ultimately, as Homer and Langley plunge homer y langley into their own private darkness, they become more and more shut off from society.

Collyer brothers

It is interesting to reflect personally on our own lives. In the end, what is our legacy — is it the objects that we have left behind?


For the next four years, the brothers socialized with others and left their home on a regular basis. Homer continued to practice law while Langley worked as a piano dealer. Langley quit homer y langley job to care for his brother and the two began to withdraw from society.

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homer y langley The brothers were also uncomfortable with the shift in racial demographics, as more African Americans moved into the once empty apartment houses that were built near a projected subway route.

The attention homer y langley the brothers' fears to increase along with their eccentricities. After teenagers threw rocks at their windows, they boarded them up and wired the doors shut.

In an attempt to exclude burglars, Langley used his engineering skills to construct booby traps and tunnels among the collection of items and trash that filled the house. Homer and Langley Collyer lived in "nests" created amongst the debris that was piled to the ceiling.

He also cared for his brother Homer. Langley later told a reporter that he fed and bathed his brother, read him classic literature as he could no longer see and played piano sonatas for him.

The brothers feared that if Homer sought medical attention, doctors would cut his optic nerveleaving him permanently blind, and give him drugs that would hasten his death.

Homer & Langley by E.L. Doctorow

Langley Collyer later told a reporter, "You must remember that we are the sons of a doctor. We have a medical library of 15, books in the house. Homer y langley decided we would not call in any doctors. You see, we knew too much about medicine.

Homer And Langley - E. L. Doctorow - Google Книги

He would also pick food out of the garbage and collect food that was going to be thrown out by grocers and homer y langley to bring back to his brother Homer. Their homer y langley was disconnected in and was never reconnected as the brothers said they had no one to talk to.

Because the brothers failed to pay their bills, the electricity, water, and gas were turned off in For a time, Langley attempted to generate electricity by means of a car engine. Langley would fetch their water from a pump in nearby parks.