Antigua Guatemala. Antigua, the capital of the Captaincy-General of Guatemala, was founded in the early 16th century. Built 1, m above sea-level, in an. The city of Antigua, the capital of Sacatepéquez Province, Guatemala, is a charming old colonial city that for many years was the political. Gu a de La Antigua Guatemala, iglesias, ruinas, conventos, mapa interactivo. Compendio de la historia de la Ciudad de Guatemala Edición crítica y estudio.


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After having experienced several earthquakes, has remained detained in time and is admired for its cobblestone streets, colonial houses, civil monuments, legends and traditions.

The city is also rich in handicrafts such as traditional weavings, ceramics, silver and gold products, ceramics, metallic products, typical sweets historia de antigua guatemala gastronomy.

Antigua Guatemala - UNESCO World Heritage Centre

Antigua Guatemala has several modern hotels situated historia de antigua guatemala quiet, picturesque surroundings. The grandeur of its setting at the base of towering volcanoes and its benign climate make the city a favourite resort and residential site.

Antigua Guatemala contains living traces of Spanish culture with its principal monuments, built in the Baroque style of the 18th century preserved today as ruins. Antigua Guatemala was a centre for the exportation of religious images and statues to the rest of the American continent and to Spain during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Antigua Guatemala is one the earliest and outstanding examples of city planning in Latin America in which the basic grid plan, dating fromhas been maintained. Its religious, private and historia de antigua guatemala buildings are outstanding evidences of Spanish colonial architecture in Antigua.

Criterion iv The many churches and monasteries in Antigua Guatemala testify to the influence of the Christian church, during the colonial period, on every aspect of daily life in the city.

Integrity Antigua Guatemala has retained historia de antigua guatemala integrity of its 16th-century layout and the physical integrity of most of its built heritage.


Elaborate and beautiful artistic carpets, predominantly made of dyed sawdust, flowers, pine needles, and even fruits and vegetables, adorn the processions' paths. Cruise ships that dock at Guatemalan ports offer trips to Antigua from both the Pacific and Atlantic.


Antigua also holds a sizeable retirement community of expatriates from the US and Europe. Tourists visiting Antigua, Language schools[ edit ] Antigua is known as a destination for people who want to learn Spanish through immersion.

There are many Spanish language schools in Antigua, and it is one of the historia de antigua guatemala popular and best recognized centers for Spanish language study by students from Europe, Asia, and North America.

Language institutes are one of the primary industries of Antigua, along with tourism. Sports[ edit ] Antigua GFC football club has played in the Guatemala top division for several years, but have been playing in the second division lately.

La Antigua Guatemala

Their home stadium is the Estadio Pensativowhich has a capacity of 9, They are nicknamed Los panzas verdes "Green bellies". Cuisine[ edit ] There are many restaurants in Antigua.

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Throughout Antigua you can find many cuisines from around the world: The original site of the second capital is now the village San Miguel Escobar.