Fourth track from Suolo's release on Um Passo Records 'Geniu Pustiu' Catalog: UMP Thus, the poet's turn to uncanny short- stories and sketches (Sărmanul Dionis, Cezara, La aniversară), or to perplexing novel schemes (Geniu pustiu) must. Geniu Pustiu by RA, released 25 September 1. Romance's Romance [Ocean Remix] 2. La Steaua - Din Noaptea Veșnicei Uitări [Reprise Woofer Mix] 3.


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One of them, Romania, that started a revolution against the rule of the hungarians over the country.


Part of the storyline runs during the conflict between the people of Romania and the army of Austria-Hungary empire. The book can be described in many different ways; there's the political and geniu pustiu aspect that i talked about, and there's a very important emotional aspect in geniu pustiu too.

"Empty Genious" by Mihai Eminescu

Friendship between characters, loyalty geniu pustiu love stories have a very important part in the book. Poe died knowing only that some of his stories had been translated into French. As we approach the sesquicentennial of his death, Poe Abroad brings together a timely one-volume assessment of Poe's geniu pustiu throughout the world.

In Eminescu's poem the hero realizes that it was he who threw a white veil of poetry on the face of this woman, and now as the veil falls off he finds his love cold and extinguished.

Sakuntala's veil seems to appear in Eminescu's poem as a symbol of illusion.

For the sake of comparison we are quoting below the relevant passagews from Sir William Jone's English translation of Sakuntala. Then once more she geniu pustiu on me, who geniu pustiu betrayed her, that celestial face, then bedewed with gushing tears; and the bare idea of her pain burns me like an envenomed javeline Was it sleep that impaired my memory?

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Was it an error of my judgement? She bursts into tears Dushmanta. O, my only beloved, banish from thy mind my cruel desertion of thee. In Eminescu's poem the accursed woman does not speak at all, we geniu pustiu her tears through the remorse of the hero, who falls at her feet and implores her forgiveness.

In the foregoing pages we have dealt with the text and the structure of Geniu pustiu and Madonna.

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We shall now look for some similarities in the essential ideas of the two texts, and shall try to arrive at an interpretation of the two geniu pustiu in this poem.

Goethe's poem of Sakuntala presents the message of the drama in the short span of four verses. In the opinion of Rabindranath Tagore, this is a correct appraisal of Kalidasa's drama by a true connoisseur of literature.

Wilt thou the blossoms of soring and the fruits that are late in season Wilt thou have charms and delights, wilt thou have strength and support Wilt thou geniu pustiu one short word encompass the earth and heaven, All is said of I name only, Sacontala, thee [23].

Mihai Eminescu, Geniu Pustiu

Here the blossoms of spring is a metaphor of youth and fruits of late season is that of motherhood ; the earth is a symbol of passions and geniu pustiu heaven a symbol of maturity [24].

Kalidasa's heroine combines the two in one. In Venus and Madonna, Venus is eternal youth geniu pustiu Madonna is eternal motherhood.


Eminescu's heroine is an embodiment of both. For, it is in the one and same woman Geniu pustiu in whom saw Venus and Raphael saw Madonna.

Similarly, Venus and Madonna is a poem of the loss and regain of the Paradise of love. When the passions have calmed down, the veil of illusion has fallen off, it is love that survives.

It is love that makes a Saint geniu pustiu of a demon, a Madonna out geniu pustiu a bacchante.